Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TMZ Calls Out Mayor McDermott Hypocrisy On Rapper Chief Keef

Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott made headlines last weekend when he put a stop to an appearance at last weekend's Festival of the Lakes concert by the controversial rapper, Chief Keef---by hologram. “I know nothing about Chief Keef,” [Hammond] Mayor [Thomas M.] McDermott [Jr.], 46, said. “All I’d heard was he has a lot of songs about gangs and shooting people — a history that’s anti-cop, pro-gang and pro-drug use. He’s been basically outlawed in Chicago, and we’re not going to let you circumvent Mayor Emanuel by going next door.” Some like TMZ are now calling out Mayor McDermott for his obvious hypocrisy since he had no problem boasting on his Twitter account how he was throwing down with another controversial rapper, 2 Chainz, who actually performed at last weekend's concert.
Advance Indiana wonders why Mayor McDermott has no problem with some of 2 Chainz' rap songs and, in particular, his music video for "I'm Different" where a police officer is depicted being held with a gun to his head for making a traffic stop.

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