Monday, February 16, 2015

Pretzel Shop In Midtown Broken Into Three Times In The Past Three Weeks

WRTV has a story tonight about Pat's Philly Pretzels located at 42nd and College Street in Midtown being the victim of break-ins three times in the last three weeks. The business' owner, Patrick Wojtalik, is now questioning whether he can remain in business at this location. Here's the kicker. An IMPD substation sits directly across the street from his business. Police have made no arrests and have no suspects.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? If a local establishment such as this gets robbed repeatedly in Meridian Kessler, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Marion County, what does that say about our city? Maybe we should put the brakes on all the gold plated downtown development projects and stadiums and start focusing on the basics.

I've visited this establishment many times... Great place for a quick tasty & cheap snack. Unless the perps are stealing cooking equipment or a few bucks out of the register there's nothing else in there to make it worth the effort. Sounds really odd.

Anonymous said...

If this guy has a family, the family members will soon start babysitting the business by staying overnight with a shotgun in their lap. Burglaries will soon stop when the word gets out, except for the meth and heroin addicts who have no fear
of dying.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the library is what's directly across the street, and the "police substation" is mostly housing administrative outreach stuff.

More interesting, perhaps, is that a high end art gallery is in the process, subject to rezoning, of moving (also across the street) into the former Kaleidoscope Youth Center and used to be the original library.

I think it's reasonable to argue that this block could use, on top of the police building, library & fire station, more development, particularly as it relates to the building occupied by the pretzel shop. It's 4-5 stories, and except for the shop, is owner occupied (under owner occupied?) by a small church.

Anonymous said...

Didn't do it, but I wish I did. Rudest group of jack-a##es I've ever seen. I won't do business with them, ever again, at any of their locations.

If you want a great pretzel, go to Ben's in the Circle Center Mall. There's a even a really good discount on Tuesdays at Ben's.

And wait, what? Since when does Indy have a "Midtown?" Where did you get that name from?