Saturday, February 07, 2015

NBC's Brian Williams Takes A Leave Of Absence

NBC News has announced that its evening anchor, Brian Williams, is taking a leave of absence after a firestorm erupted over repeated false claims he made about being aboard a military helicopter in Iraq in 2003 that was forced to make an emergency landing after coming under enemy fire. The statement he released today makes it sound like he fully intends to return in a few days after the firestorm dies down. The statement he shared with colleagues concerning his leave of absence said he had "become too much a part of the news, due to my actions."


Anonymous said...

Once a liar.
Always a liar.
Ba-bye Brian.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise that failed former national network broadcasting anchor Katie Couric smells blood and is "willing" to return to network news.

Liberals are the first to throw their pals under the bus it seems.

I wonder if the much nip and tucked Couric expects to return to her $15 Million Annual salary.

Anonymous said...

The journalistic irony is clear here: A local TV Station with a relatively local audience tried to get the names of pilots on a flight that crashed. They were sincere in their efforts at good journalism and sought a reputable source...but an intern at that source provided hillarious funny fake names, which the station broadcast prior to prounouncing them to realize they were obviously fake. That resulted in the IMMEDIATE firing of three news producers!

NBC is a world news outlet. Its own audience is enormous, especially compared to the local news. It's official stance at an admission with documented proof that their correspondent lied resulted in an "investigation" of well-documented fact.

So now that Brian Williams was documented as lying and admitted lying in his reports on more than one occasions, the best action NBC can take is "an investigation"??? Wow! Obviously NBC subscribes to a code of ethics...right?

Well, Brian is going to "take himself off the air." -Well, I call it hiding in hopes the flames die down....

As for NBC, well, their inaction is a reflection of the management's ethics....or lack thereof.

C. Roger Csee said...

Figures. In typical fashion, when a liberal is in trouble, they circle the wagons, and wait for the firestorm to pass overhead.
When a conservative or republican is in trouble, there is a non-stop, hysterical screaming for investigations, firings, grand juries, hearings, etc. 24/7.
I wonder why that is?