Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pence Appoints DC Madam John And Rent-A-Civic Leader To IU Board Of Trustees

Well, this should give you faith in the governance of Indiana University. Gov. Mike Pence today announced the appointments of Randall Tobias and Jim Morris to the IU Board of Trustees. Tobias, a former CEO of Eli Lilly, was forced to resign as Deputy Secretary of State in the George W. Bush administration after news reports identified him as a client of DC Madam Jeane Palfrey. You may recall that someone suicided Palfrey after she threatened to sell the list of her former clients. Morris, of course, is best known for his role as chief honcho in charge of the Indianapolis Water Company shenanigans who billionaire Herb Simon hired to shake down the Capital Improvement Board for $43.5 million in additional subsidies for his Indiana Pacers. Pence also named Eli Lilly CFO Derica Rice to the board of trustees. Just when you think things couldn't sink any lower in the Hoosier state, we reach for new depths. I can't wait to learn who Pence appoints to the newly-created Indiana Motorsports Board to administer the doling out of $100 million to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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