Wednesday, June 05, 2013

How Much Will Indy Taxpayers Have To Pay To Continue Pacers Success?

The Star's Mike Wells takes a look at where the Pacers go from here following their successful season this year that came to an end in the seventh game of the final playoff game for the Eastern conference title in Miami Monday night. Indianapolis taxpayers should be the most concerned. The CIB has given billionaire Herb Simon's NBA franchise $43.5 million over the past four years in public subsidies, and there is no indication that those subsidies will come to an end despite the massive budget deficit the City of Indianapolis is faced with closing as other city budgets are slashed. Wells' story provides a list of the salaries currently being earned by the Pacers under their respective contracts, thanks in large part to the rent-free arena and generous subsidies the taxpayers offer the team. I don't think you will find a single member on the team's roster who considers himself an Indianapolis resident. Herb Simon lives in Carmel when he's not living at one of his other homes in California, Manhattan or wherever else he owns multi-million dollar mansions.

George Hill ($32 million)
Miles Plumlee ($7.5 million)
Roy Hibbert ($30.4 million)
Ian Mahinmi ($12 million)
Orlando Johnson ($2.9 million)
Paul George ($7.75 million)
Gerald Green ($7 million)
Danny Granger ($14 million)
Tyler Hansbrough ($4.225 million)
Ben Hansbrough ($1.875 million)
Jeff Pendergraph ($988,000)
Lance Stephenson ($988,000)
David West ($10 million)
D.J. Augustin ($3.5 million)
Sam Young ($402,000)

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