Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ex-Reality Star's Mom Gets Six Years For Theft, Son Wants Gay Marriage Equality

Austin Armacost with his husband Jake Lees
Franklin, Indiana's Karen Armacost, the mother of former reality TV star Austin Armacost, was sentenced to six years today for stealing $681,000 from her former employer. According to Marion Co. Prosecutor Terry Curry, Armacost used some of the money to pay credit card bills in the names of her sons. Austin, who was on the short-lived reality show the A-List, told investigators that he had no idea how his mother paid for his credit card bills. Austin's Twitter account this week contained several admonishments to Sen. Dan Coats and Gov. Mike Pence for their opposition to gay marriage equality but nothing about his mother's nine-year prison sentence: "My beautiful husband & I, together 5+ years... Do we deserve equality . . . I am a gay Hoosier happily married to a British man +5 years who has no right to come to America... Do you not support us?" Austin posted photos of him and his husband, Jake Lees, an English citizen. Austin laments that U.S. immigration laws don't permit him to sponsor Lees for an immigrant visa, a right afforded to straight married couples.  "Gov. Pence does Not support gays & lesbians," he tweeted. "While every state is moving forward, he is supporting BIGOTRY/InEquality in IN!"

UPDATE: Did anyone catch the fact that Armacost received a stiffer sentence than Shamus Patton, the guy who shot 9 people at Black Expo in 2010 and got released early and re-arrested this week after a high-speed chase with police?

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