Friday, June 14, 2013

Beck Hints Potential Bombshell Disclosure Involves Blackmail Of Chief Justice John Roberts While Deciding Affordable Care Act Decision

During an interview with an NSA whistle blower today, Glenn Beck hinted during his interview with William Binney that the story he promised to break within 24 hours that would bring down the power structure of the country, a date that has come and gone, involved the blackmail of Chief Justice John Roberts over last year's decision upholding the Affordable Care Act, using e-mails gathered on him by the NSA. Beck claimed on Wednesday that he would provide great details on this new disclosure within 24 hours: "We have a whistle blower . . . this guy is so afraid for his life . . . My people have seen one document. This one document would pretty much take down the whole power structure."

William Binney left the NSA after more than 30 years of service in 2001. He rose to the rank of Technical Director of World Geopolitical Analysis Group, which was comprised of 6,000 analysts. Government officials turned his residence upside down during a search after they suspected him of leaking information to the media in 2007. His computers and business records were seized during the search. He had to file a lawsuit against the government, which found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing on his part, to recover his seized records and property.

While Edward Snowden has gained all the attention as of late, Binney has provided equally as damaging disclosures about the NSA's surveillance activities long before Snowden came forward. Contrary to claims by NSA officials, Binney insists the gathering of information on phone calls and e-mails of private Americans includes their content. "Their statement that we don't have content is an outright lie," Binney says.

As to the subject matter of the material that could have been used to blackmail Chief Justice Roberts, attention has focused on the adoption of his two children in 2000 as infants, who were born in Ireland within four and one-half months of each other, but who were adopted through a private adoption process that took place in Costa Rica. Concerns were apparently being raised about whether the adoptions were undertaken to circumvent Irish law, which would not allow for adoption of Irish children by non-residents or through a private adoption service.

During his confirmation hearing in 2005, the Drudge Report claimed the New York Times was digging into the circumstances surrounding the Roberts' children's adoptions. Whether the circumstances surrounding the adoption were of a nature that would subject Roberts to blackmail remains a mystery. The consensus, however, appears that Roberts had decided to vote to strike down the ACA before shifting his position at the last minute, which made his hastily altered majority opinion a curiously, conflicted read.

Beck's failure to come forward with the evidence he promised to reveal within the time period he set has already led many to conclude that he's once again been caught crying wolf. His failure to follow up directly on the promised disclosure only heightens skepticism that there is anything to his story.


Pete Boggs said...

Since this whole snoop-dog gate began, surely it's occurred to folks that Roberts might've been info-threaened; considering the absolute absence of detectable scholarship in his "opinion."

Unigov said...

Mr Welsh - whether or not this is true about Roberts, thank you for including the info in your blog. I would never have heard of this, even with my constant perusal of the web.

What I know of Roberts boils down to two events, both of which indicate to me he's a strange character. One, flubbing the first swearing-in of Mr Obama. Second, the ACA decision. The guy seems like a goofball.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Beck tweeted that Sen. Mike Lee is going to speak out publicly on the Roberts matter on Monday. We'll see if the media reports on it if a U.S. Senator discusses it publicly. It's obvious there isn't a single patriot among Indiana's congressional delegation in Washington willing to stand up and fight for our constitutional rights. Coats and Donnelly obviously feel no obligation to uphold the constitution they took an oath to defend and protect.