Monday, June 24, 2013

Bomb Squad Detonates Backpack Containing Fireworks And Pot Outside Federal Courthouse In Indianapolis

Backpack detonated and remains left
(WISH-TV Photo/Kevin Ratermann)
IMPD's bomb squad investigated a backpack left outside the federal courthouse early this morning near the corner of Ohio and Meridian Streets that was spotted by a security guard around 2:40 a.m. according to WISH-TV. After bomb sniffing dogs gave an indication the bag might contain explosives, the bomb squad detonated the bag nearly two hours later and determined that it contained fireworks and marijuana. This looks like a drill to me. The bag was likely intentionally placed there to see how well emergency responders would respond to a potential bomb threat.

UPDATE: Folks are still antsy at the downtown federal office buildings. Security detained a woman and evacuated the Minton-Capehart building earlier this afternoon after a device she brought into the building raised concerns after passing through an X-ray machine. Police described the device as being in "a small plastic bin." Police used a detonation device to render it non-lethal according to the Star.

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