Thursday, October 11, 2012

Take A Pill, Joe

Joe Biden has to be one of the most rude and crude guys to hold high office in the history of this country. Between his smirking and laughter and his constant interrupting every time Paul Ryan attempted to answer a question during tonight's Vice Presidential debate, it was simply unbearable. This is obviously a seriously mentally ill man who is simply unfit to serve if something happened to the President. Someone needs to put him in a straight jacket, medicate him and lock  him up. He's that crazy uncle in the attic that Ross Perot used to talk about it when he ran for President. The Democratic Party should be totally ashamed that such a buffoon is on their ticket. This exchange was typical of what we saw tonight:

Even the lefties in the media agree:

The Daily Beast's Kirsten Powers also isn't impressed:

What's funny, Mr. Vice President? It only gets worse... The Washington Post's Erik Wemple:


CircleCityScribe said...

All I can say is there is a pattern.

Not much has changed since 1987 when Biden ran into trouble when he was accused of plagiarizing a speech and then his law school plagiarism was revealed.

patriot paul said...

Biden interrupted 38 times with contemptuous smugness in belittling a younger candidate. This was his purpose - to distract from the issues, which is what Democrats like to do because they cannot talk seriously about the conclusions of their own policies. I was embarrassed as a citizen that we have a VP who demeans a contender with derisive laughter instead of serious debate. Worse, a VP who is 1 heart beat away from the Presidency who is emotionally challenged. No wonder a CNN poll put the winner as Ryan by a 4 point advantage. America deserves a serious candidate for serious times; not 38 pitiful distractions.

Cato said...

Biden buried Ryan. Biden showed Ryan is simply not ready to be anywhere close to the big chair.