Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Surveillance Cameras Along Monon Trail Out Of Order

Monon Trail crime victim Jim Knapp
This will come as no surprise. The surveillance cameras placed on the Monon Trail, including the site where a 64-year old man was brutally attacked by teen-aged hooligans Sunday afternoon while bicycling, are out of order. That's because public safety is not job one for Mayor Greg Ballard. He's only interested in handing your tax dollars to the pay-to-play contractors and developers who bankroll his campaign and lavish him and his wife with gifts and free trips. From WRTV's Jack Rinehart:
Surveillance cameras along the Monon Trail, including one at the spot where 64-year-old man was attacked over the weekend, are out of order, police said.
Two of the four cameras along the Indianapolis stretch of the trail are currently not working, Indiana Homeland Security officials confirmed to RTV6.
Officials did not say how long the cameras had been out of order.
The revelation comes days after Jim Knapp was riding his bike Sunday and was attacked in the 2100 block of the trail, suffering broken ribs and several cuts.
Fox 59 News has more on the empty excuses offered by the Ballard administration for the latest public safety failure:

It was a brutal beating that was not caught on camera even though a camera was close by.
"They'll turn black, or they won't move the way we want them to, or focus in," said Gary Coons, City of Indianapolis Chief of Homeland Security.
Coons said the surveillance cameras that were installed along the trail a few years back are not always operational. In fact, he said two of the four cameras are currently down.
"If we see it go down. we're in the process of approving a contract so we can go out and fix them immediately," said Coons.
Federal grants gave the city the opportunity to have extra eyes on the trail, but Coons said that money does not usually cover long term maintenance in every situation. Also, the current process takes time, meaning the cameras may be down for a few days at a time.
"If we have three or four that go down, it could take a little bit. We have a 100 or so cameras out there that we maintain," said Coons.


CircleCityScribe said...

Are they out of order or did Frank Straub not pay the bill? -Did he leave town with services shut off for non-payment?

Had Enough Indy? said...

Didn't the taxpayers drop a bundle on those cameras just two years ago?

Unknown said...

First the phones, now the cameras?
Job 1?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Pat, It was probably a kickback to a play-to-pay contractor who installed substandard equipment. Ballard could care less. As long as his cronies are taken care of and the money is flowing to entertain him and Winnie that's all that matters.

Downtown Indy said...

Let's see...

Staff the police roster?
Maintain cameras?
Replace worn out patrol cars?

No, let's use that money to pay a developer to build CityWay.

CircleCityScribe said...

Downtown Indy said it best!

P. S. Ballard Lies! All those who wish to protest and remonstrate the TIF, Removal of Homestead Exemption Credit, incompetent Police Commander on the north area, Crime cause by a rural and incompetent "County Sheriff" mentality in the BIGGEST CITY of the STATE of INDIANA, please show up at Heritage Christian School at 75th ST and Binford Blvd next Thursday, Oct 11, at 6:00 p.m. The Mayor will be there to hear our grievance.

Anonymous said...

That sucks that the teenagers got away with their stupid deeds because the surveillance camera is out of order. Come on! Don't the people in charge regularly check the cameras and fix it if it isn't working?


jelly andrews said...

I pity the man. If only those surveillance cameras are working, he might get justice for what happened to him. I wish they will replace it as soon as possible. It’s very important to have security cameras around.