Thursday, October 04, 2012

Feds Indict Multiple Northwest Indiana Officials

The U.S. Attorney's office for the northern district of Indiana has consistently been more aggressive at prosecuting public corruption cases than its counterpart in the southern district. The announcement of multiple indictments today by U.S. Attorney David Capp underscores that point. From the Northwest Indiana Times:

U.S. Attorney David Capp on Thursday announced a series of indictments of Northwest Indiana officials stemming from tax fraud investigations.
The indictments include public officials from East Chicago, Hammond, Gary and Merrillville, along with a business owner receiving city contracts. The charges include a kickback scheme and a city official that failed to file a tax return for the past two decades . . .
Capp said the overarching tie between all the cases was the involvement of the Internal Revenue Service in the investigations.
Rich Weber, chief of IRS criminal investigations had a warning for anyone considering a violation of the public trust: "Our agents will find the untaxed funds. ... Enrich your pockets at your own peril."
Among those indicted included the following: Alfonso Salinas, 52, a 2nd District councilman in Hammond; Juda Parks, 40, of East Chicago, a city council member and police officer; Manuel Montalvo, 38, of East Chicago, former executive director of East Chicago public library; Marilyn Krusas, 69, a Gary City Councilwoman; and Virlissa Crenshaw, 42, of East Chicago, clerk of the Merrillville town court.

The U.S. Attorney's office for the southern district of Indiana is preoccupied with child pornagraphy and drug cases. Today's announcement from that office was no exception. From WRTV:

Three men face child sex-related charges in separate cases, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Thursday . . .
The arrests were part of the ongoing Project Safe Childhood initiative, which began six years ago to address crimes against children that are aided by technology.
“Over the last year as part of our Project Safe Childhood initiative, we’ve announced charges against dozens of individuals,” said U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett.
In Dick Cady's book, "Deadline: Indianapolis," the author writes about the problems within the local FBI office in Indianapolis during the 1970s. It seemed a number of agents were either living with drug dealers or sleeping with prostitutes. Not surprisingly, the office was never very effective at prosecuting public corruption cases. It hasn't changed much in the ensuing years by all appearances.

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CircleCityScribe said...

I'll say it again: Joe Hogsett is NO Patrick J. Fitzgerald!

Sweet Pea is free today because Joe Hogsett (D) has failed to submit this case to the Federal Court. Although our local "Left Coast" newspaper documented most of a criminal case on its own front page, Joe Hogsett (D) is oblivious to corruption at the local level.

-And so we say: "Corruption is as Corruption does."

-The Democrat Machine