Monday, October 22, 2012

Carson and May Debate

From left to right, Carlos May, Amos Brown and Andre Carson ( photo)
U.S. Rep. Andre Carson and Republican Carlos May met in what will be their only debate before this year's election on the "Afternoons with Amos" show hosted by Amos Brown on WTLC-AM radio. In his opening statement, May went after Carson for casting votes he says contributed to higher energy costs, a claim refuted by Carson, who shot back that May would threaten the social security system with a privatization plan. Both candidates support some role for the federal government in dictating education standards. On immigration reform, May said he would deport undocumented aliens who have committed crimes, while providing a path to citizenship to children of undocumented aliens brought into this country by their parents. Carson emphasized his current support for the Dream Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for children of undocumented aliens brought here by their parents. Carson touted his success at bringing home over a half billion federal dollars to the 7th District. Carson took a swipe at Mayor Ballard for taking credit alone for federal funding he says he obtained for resurfacing Indianapolis' streets. You can listen to the audio from this afternoon's debate by clicking here. It currently only includes the first segment of the one-hour debate. [The full audio of the debate is now accessible. Please check it out]

UPDATE: The Star's Mary Beth Schneider has more here. She quotes Carson as saying federal spending cuts will be achieved through ending the war in Afghanistan, while May said he would look for savings through the elimination of "waste and fraud." May promised to vote to repeal Obamacare if he is elected, which Carson supported and voted for. May also accused Carson of being inaccessible to his constituents according to Schneider, a charge that Carson denies. “I am not going to let him use this race as a WWF wrestling match ... to falsely accuse me of not wanting to debate, where he can use this as a platform to get his name out there to do a favor for the Republican Party so he can one day run for what he really wants to run for, and that’s (county) treasurer or city council,” Carson said.


Indy Rob said...

Is Mr. Carson taking credit for that resurfacing of Georgia Street between Penn and Capitol? If so, I might be able to help Mr. May find some waste and fraud in government spending.

Downtown Indy said...

If Carson could legitimately take credit for saving a half billion in tax dollars, he might have something to crow about.