Tuesday, June 15, 2010

U.S. Customs Fails Again

Despite a warrant for his arrest, Ali Mohammad was able to slip back into the country without detection from Yemen after he departed recently before federal and local law enforcement could arrest him on food stamp fraud, counterfeiting and money laundering charges. Last week, law enforcement officials raided a number of gas stations/convenience stores operated by foreign nationals from the Middle East. The Marion Co. Prosecutor's Office tells WRTV that Mohammad returned to the U.S. over the weekend from Yemen and slipped by customs officials at Chicago's O'Hare Airport despite his outstanding arrest warrant. He was later arrested in Indianapolis. Khalid Saleem, Saleh Yafae and Mohammad Khan were arrested last week on similar charges and were free on bond. Mohammad has been released on a $7,500 bond according to WRTV and had to surrender his passport. His travel is limited to a seven-county area.

UPDATE: WRTV's Jack Rinehart is also reporting this evening that law enforcement seized close to a half million in cash from the businesses that were raided last week. Mohammad appeared in court today with Jim Voyles, Indy's most expensive, high profile criminal defense attorney. Business must have really been good for these Middle Easterners in Indy. Let's hope the proceeds weren't being used to fund terrorist attacks on Americans as investigators fear may have been the case.


Downtown Indy said...

But by God we can stop all those too-big bottles of shampoo from getting aboard.

It's been said many times that there's way too much focus on the routine flyers and pointless detailed inspections of them.

This just reinforces that theory.

Indy4U2C said...

Where is the U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana while all this is going on????

Gary R. Welsh said...

I noticed Mohammad has hired Jim Voyles. WRTV says it may turn out to be one of the biggest forfeiture actions in Marion Co. history. It should be Durham, but we have an acting U.S. Attorney here who likes the idea of the Amish in Ohio being defauded by Durham. Morrison is the biggest joke there is. He's the corrupt politician's favorite prosecutor next to Brizzi. It looks like the Obama term will be over before he gets around to naming someone to the vacant position.

Marycatherine Barton said...

That such a man, who certainly fits the profile of a Muslim, can slip by Customs in Chicago, with an outstanding arrest warrant and suspicions of terrorist activities, again convinces me that this police state grid that has been set up, is not because of Islam, but an excuse to inhibit patriots, keep Americans in a state of fear, and stymie business.

I so far have seen no proof that the findings of Dr. Albert D. Pastore (pseudonym} STRANGER THAN FICTION, an independent investigation of 9-11 and the war on terror, are not correct. You can read his book on line.

Melyssa said...

Gary, I've been reading on InfoWars.com that there is all kinds of undue action against the Amish these days for their farming practices of selling whole fresh milk. They sent the SWAT team in after one farmer in PA for selling milk.

I don't think our government likes the Amish one bit.

artfuggins said...

MaryCatherine, I don't understand what you mean by "fits the profile of being a Muslim" ...and since when is being Muslim a sign that you are a terrorist.

I expect more than this drivel and bigotry from you.

Downtown Indy said...

Since 9-11 and the 19 muslim hijackers.

Since the 'shoe bomber'.

Since Ft Hood.

Since the 'unerwear bomber'.

...and so on.

Go on, stick your head in the sand Artemus. You may get your ass blown off.

Marycatherine Barton said...

artfuggins, whoever you are,

You are deliberately misunderstanding me.