Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Supreme Court Strikes Blow For War On Terrorism, U.S. Strikes Blow For Terrorists

In a big win for the U.S. government's war on terrorism, the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday upheld a federal law barring citizens and organizations from offering material support  to groups identified by the U.S. State Department as terrorists in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project. The plaintiffs claimed that their freedom of association and free speech rights were unconstitutionally infringed upon if they couldn't offer humanitarian aid and support to terrorist associated groups, even if it was not their intent to support the overseas groups terrorist activities.The Supreme Court's 6-3 decision was written by Chief Justice John Roberts. The three dissenting justices included the three most liberal justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor.

Before you cheer too loudly about that victory, take a look at what our own government is doing to aid the very terrorists who are killing our soldiers in Afghanistan. "The U.S. military is funding a massive protection racket in Afghanistan, indirectly paying tens of millions of dollars to warlords, corrupt public officials and the Taliban to ensure safe passage of its supply convoys throughout the country, according to congressional investigators," reports Karen DeYoung of the Washington Post.  "The security arrangements, part of a $2.16 billion transport contract, violate laws on the use of private contractors, as well as Defense Department regulations, and 'dramatically undermine' larger U.S. objectives of curtailing corruption and strengthening effective governance in Afghanistan, a report released late Monday said," she continued.

Who needs the law the Supreme Court upheld yesterday if our own government is going to use our tax dollars to support the very people we are supposedly fighting in this war?


M Theory said...

So their money is going to only terrorists or is it going to help people, who through no fault of their own, live among terrorists?

Gary? Would Jesus starve out the innocent women, children, and civilians? Would Jesus try to stop well meaning people from bringing aid to other humans when they are suffering?

Chew on that.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Melyssa, I've long since given up hope on reasoning with you. Ponder it yourself.

M Theory said...

I'll remember how beyond reasoning I am about the next time I think I should send over a little paypal thanks to this blog.

Not sure how many people do support this blog in small financial ways like I do, but there is no need to insult one of them instead of proposing a reasoned argument.

It is you that is not reasonable.

dcrutch said...

Nobody's completely virtuous in this deal, and hopefully we can one day end fruitless debate of a subjective religious mandate. But, I don't recall Jesus being an arms smuggler, mixing them within supplies meant to help the needy, or lobbing rockets over a border at those with whom he had disagreements. I'm not a religious guy- correct me where I'm wrong.

I also don't think of the Taliban or your typical warlord as being tolerant of somebody else having a a different religion, or believe that Jewish folk will soon be stoning women for adultery or flying planes into skyscrapers. I could be wrong. Please speak up.

It also doesn't make all Muslims or Middle Easterns incarnate evil or anyone Jewish from Nebraska a wonderful guy.

But, I'd feel a lot worse if the Supremes had ruled the other way.

Cato said...

There is no war on terrorism.

By the way, Melyssa is right. Our fundamentalist protestant evangelical Christian groups are becoming as nutty, hateful and extreme as the Muslim extremist groups.

It's a worldwide tyranny of the mythologies.

Regarding the entire foreign intervention since 9/11, you still can't show me a plane at the Pentagon, and you still can't tell me how WTC7 dropped in a perfect demolition collapse from office fires on two floors.

I really don't care about that birth certificate, since 1) it hasn't killed anyone and 2) Biden would be President. 9/11, however, is the greatest crime on American soil, and we haven't found Bin Laden or any of the money men who made it occur. The official story is bunk.

It really wasn't difficult to get certain American to hate the Muslims. If you wanted a state of perpetual war for resources, 9/11 just magically worked out really well for some people in office who just happened to be from the natural resources industry.

Cato said...

Further, how much longer do we have to stay in Afghanistan? We've been there ten years. If it's not working, come home, and manage the risk of "terror" from here. We've locked the country down so that it's nigh a police state. They can't hurt us from Afghanistan, and they can't fly planes into buildings, any more.

We will never be able to keep others in the world from hating us. Keeping up this war is the wrong tool for the job.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Yes, we should get the hell out of both Afghanistan and Iraq. The people in those countries hate us and we're accomplishing absolutely nothing. You cannot turn a culture of people on to democratic government if they are only interested in establishing an Islamic republic that recognizes and tolerates but one religion and few individual rights. It absolutely sickens me that anyone could suggest that the Christian right, even those on the extreme edge in this country, are anything closely similar to Islamic terrorists. There is absolutely no history of Christians in this country blowing up buildings, hijacking airplanes, and otherwise plotting massive killings of westerners, Christians and Jews as people of the Islamic faith do on almost any given day in this world. dscrutch is right. The Taliban committed one atrocity after another during their rein in Afghanistan, and they have killed hundreds of American soldiers and injured thousands more since we've been there. Melyssa, If you don't appreciate my efforts with this blog, you are under no obligation to tip. If I had to base what I say on this blog based on who tipped me, I wouldn't be blogging.

Marycatherine Barton said...

The so-called War on Terror is bankrupting the USA and robbing us of our civil liberties, not to mention killing and maiming anyone who gets in the way of the troops.

Marycatherine Barton said...

And as for dcrutch asking for us to speak up about Jewish terrorism, let me please refer him and all to engine search (a/k/google) the words "Jewish false flags", for example, or to the videos and writings I earlier suggested in other posts, allowed of me by AI. Thanks for your courtesy, Gary, and thanks to Cato and HFFT for the political and religious points they made in their comments above.

Yes, I do agree with AI, that we should bring the troops home. (We need them here to uphold our Constitution.)

AmericanVet said...

Hey, Cato, any Radical Rightwing Christian terrorist bombers blow up a bus today? This month? This CENTURY?????? No.

Radical Christians are taking mission trips to third world countries, helping them learn to write their own languages, helping to rebuild Haiti and etc. Radical Islam is lobbing rockets into Israel and trying to find ways to blow up Times Square.

Islam is producing terrorists and provoking their acts. Rich oil families in places like Yemen are helping to finance people who try to blow up innocent women and children in subway tunnels and airplanes. Don't forget the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The war on terror is worldwide and it is about Islam versus everyone else, Christian or Buddhist or Atheist or whatever.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Another reason why we need more troops in the USA, not in Iraq and Afghanistan, is to protect our borders from Mexican terrorists that are threatening law enfocement, and citizens, and government property (such as threats to bomb dams), The police are yelling Mayday to the feds, and there is danger of total collapse on the south-west border.

One more point about comparing jewish terrorism to islam terrorism, is that only .5 percent of the world, at the most, is Jewish, versus the large numbers that are Muslim. Continuing re dcrutch's challenge, check out examples of jewish extremist terrorism in the old testament, particularly in Dueteronomy, chapter 7, and in passages of the Talmud, and in the Gospels (google "Jesus feared the Jews". And as far as who treats women the worse, extremists of all stripes force their ways on the family, and right here in Indianapolis, city police advice women not to live alone in a house, without an alarm system. Rape and child abuse are commonplace in much of America. America First,

American vet, google the words "Jewish terrorism". And certainly it is hard to know, re terrorist acts, which came first, the chicken or the egg. That is always the problem with religionists.

Re AmericanVet's purported concern, I am not at war with Islam, and many people I have known that celebrate that faith have been swell with me, and many were not. I do not want my tax money spent to send Americans to other countries to fight Islam, us to defend us here.

Marycatherine Barton said...

And Iraq was a secular state, before the USA and allies, invaded it, with Saddam making sure of that. Please check out Fred Branfman's article, of June 22, 2010, found at AlterNet and elsewhere, "5 Million Iraqis Killed, Maimed, Tortured Displaced - Think that Bothers War Boosters Like Christopher Hitchens?". Thank you, friends.

M Theory said...

Looking forward to seeing what Julian Assange releases on WikiLeaks hopefully this week.

I'm sick of being lied to by my righteous Christian
government. I've learned whenever they say "freedom", they mean the opposite in their doublespeak world.

I'm not naive, I understand the mission of Jihad. I know that is real. I just don't think it is the boogey-man the Zionist powers tricked us into believing it is.

And just like Cato, I don't believe the official tale of 9/11 and neither do six of the commission members!

And Vet? Radical right wing Christians have recently killed an abortion doctor. And they've bombed abortion clinics in the 90's. And last I checked a whole lot of so-called holy men of God inside the Catholic church are pedophiles and we had to make a huge deal about it before the pope would do anything. In fact, the bastards fought the charges in the beginning and tried to sweep it under the rug.

So please don't hold up the Christian religion as an example to be looked up to.

You can, however, use Christ as an example and that is why I asked the question I did earlier.

M Theory said...

"Afghanistan is a black hole sucking up men and machinery for the sake of death merchant profiteers. It is valuable real estate to be held — not conquered — real estate where opium grows for the sake of CIA off-the-books operating capital funding covert wars against enemies of the global elite. The fantastic profits earned from opium also flood the coffers of the masters of the casino economy on Wall Street. As Catherine Austin Fiits has documented, without this influx of laundered underground and illicit money Wall Street would have collapsed long ago. "

The rest of the article can be found here: http://www.infowars.com/general-mcchrystals-burning-contempt-for-the-puppet-obama/

Black money from the heroin and cocaine trade is being used to build the deep underground bases and fund the re-engineering of alien technology.

The War on Drugs is a taxpayer funded war on the CIA's competition.

Email me if you want to watch hundreds of hours of video testimonies of the old timer insiders that are coming out in droves and telling all they know of what goes on at the levels above our president...and I'll hook you up.

You should also recognize that Denver CO has a referendum vote coming up this November to decide whether or not to form an ET welcoming committee. Many believe the Denver airport is the big underground up for more than 300 deep undergrond bases in America.

The is a reason why astronaut Edgar Mitchell said aliens exist. It is because they are here and our government has no plan to disclose the truth of their involvement because it will rock the foundation of everything we ever thought was true.

Email me if you want linked up to huge caches of testimonies and leaked documents including photos (leaked last year) of craft we saw on Apollo Missions.