Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brian Williams Drops Bid For Indy Mayor

The pressure on Brian Williams by the Marion Co. Democrat Party to drop his bid for Indianapolis mayor must have been more than he could take. He announced today he was dropping out "because of business demands and family concerns." I suspect he received plenty of not-so-veiled threats to drop out of the race if he knew what was good for him. That leaves Melina Kennedy, a former deputy mayor to Bart Peterson and unsuccessful prosecutor candidate from 2008, as the only other major Democratic contender. Former CCC Ron Gibson and CCC Jose Evans are running, but neither of their candidacies are taken seriously.

The powers that be like to fix the Indy mayor's race every four years so voters really don't have much of a choice. I know one thing for sure. I will never vote for Greg Ballard for re-election. I will do everything I can to drive him from office. He broke every major campaign promise he made in the 2007 election, turned his back on the people who were responsible for his election and ushered in a very corrupt administration. He will become the first Republican mayoral candidate I have not supported since I moved to Indianapolis in 1990. I know many other Republicans who also plan to vote for anyone but Ballard. It's too bad that the likely choice next year will be between Ballard and Kennedy. The same people who pull all of the strings in this town will still be doing so regardless of which of these lousy choices win.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Under no circumstances will this Republican support Ballard again. He has set the Marion County Republican Party back a generation because of Ballard's willingness to hand the keys to the administration to people using their position to profit off of the taxpayers. I've never seen so much insider and self-dealing as that is in the Ballard administration.

Melyssa said...

I was so bummed to hear this. The democrats just lost any chance they had for my vote.

Kennedy is no different than Peterson who is no different than Ballard.


Marycatherine Barton said...

Having been subjected to nasty belligerency and dirty tricks as planned punishment for daring to run against the Marion Co. Democratic Party, I can certainly understand Brian Williams folding. I hope that this does not mean that he will not be providing us, the public, with his evaluations of the issues.