Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr. Pain's Medical License In Trouble Again

Dr. Greg Chernoff, an Indianapolis plastic surgeon best known for writing scipts to Colts owner Jim Irsay to feed his addiction to painkillers, is in trouble again. Attorney General Greg Zoeller's office is accusing Chernoff of omitting certain information on his application to renew his medical license last year--namely that his medical license was placed on probation by the state of California in January of last year, and that he got a DUI in April, 2008. WRTV reports:

Officials said both pieces of information should have been disclosed on the form as requested.

"Basically, he committed fraud with respect with the renewal, and that's the problem here," said Deputy Attorney General Abby Kuzma.

In a prepared statement, Chernoff explained that he left the renewal to someone else to complete.

"Like most physicians, I asked my office staff to assist with paperwork that is involved in the license renewal," he said. "There was no intention to mislead anyone; this was a matter of a clerical error."
The story notes Chernoff's Indiana license was placed on probation in 2008 after he wrote painkiller prescriptions unnecessarily for Jim Irsay and talked about his treatment to others. Chernoff skated on any criminal charges after making large contributions to the campaign of Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, which as we've learned is tantamount to receiving a get out of jail free card. Chernoff wasn't the only medical provider in town writing scripts for Irsay, who had to be treated for several overdoses. The investigation got swept under the rug after our "civic leaders" decided it might jeopardize Irsay's ownership of the Colts if it got too fully investigated. Ironically, the reporter who broke the story at WTHR, Roger Harvey, now works for Bose Public Affairs Group, which lobbies for the Colts.

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M Theory said...

Hmmm....I seem to remember a very poignant exclusive TV interview with Ir$ay a few years back. I think it was a Channel 8 exclusive.

In the interview Ir$ay explained that he was now a christian and drug free and that he overcame his dark struggle and realizes that people are what is important.

Then he showed viewers all his expensive celebrity guitar toys and lavish lifestyle.