Friday, September 04, 2009

Top Marion County Dems Shunning Orentlicher And Bowes

Indianapolis Times' blogger Terry Burns takes note of the kicking off of Democrat Terry Curry's candidacy for Marion County Prosecutor in 2010 via a letter to Democratic precinct committeepersons. What caught my eye are the number of prominent Democrats that are supporting him over former State Rep. David Orentlicher and Marion County Assessor Greg Bowes. Among those Burns lists as being members of Curry's campaign committee are the following:

Hon. Vernon Brown, Billie Dragoo, Carl Drummer, Hon. Tony Duncan, Gregory Hahn, Bart Herriman, Annette Johnson, Lacy Johnson, Melina Kennedy, Hon. Brian Mahern, Ed Mahern, Hon. Bill Newman, Hon. John O’Hara, Hon. Joanne Sanders, Hon. Frank Short, Joseph Simpson, David Smith, Kip Tew, Bob Voorhies, James Voyles, Jr. and Brian Williams.
I would observe that Jim Voyles has also made large contributions in the past to Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, a Republican who has not yet announced whether he will seek re-election, although many Republicans are hoping he decides not to run again.

You can detect that strong allies of the Carson political machine are lining up against David Orentlicher, who has zero prosecutorial experience and no trial experience of any sort. The Carson political machine has never forgiven Orentlicher for challenging Andre Carson in both the special election and the primary election to replace the late U.S. Rep. Julia Carson.

Bowes angered the Carson political machine because of his support for the elimination of township assessors in last year's general election, a proposition overwhelmingly approved by all Marion County township voters.

Curry's letter to Democratic committeepersons notes his 30 years' trial experience, including six years' experience as a deputy prosecutor. Curry is currently employed as a mediator with Van Winkle, Baten and Rimstidt. Curry's bio notes that he prosecuted white collar crimes, including persons running Ponzi schemes while he was employed as a deputy prosecutor. Do you think he will prosecute the people running the CIB Ponzi scheme?


Concerned Taxpayer said...

Speaking of Melyssa Donaghy, I used to read her blog several times a day.
Now I am locked out of it. It says you have to be an "invited reader."

indyernie said...

That’s a list of democratic leadership that I would want if I were running for office.. what a bunch of crooks, con artists, users & abusers.

Hon. Vernon Brown, Vern is the reprehensive in district 18. He has done nothing when it comes to helping anyone in 18. Vern’s favorite comment is “Call the Mayors Action Line” when asked for his help. Vern’s own democrat supporters in 18 are getting fed up with him for not returning e-mails and phone calls regarding public safety issues. I know of a democrat in 18 who is considering running against him because of Browns laziness.

Carl Drummer, should be investigated to see if he personally profited from renting space in County owned building. Corvettes of his friends were stored and because of him buying buildings for Center Township that sit empty. Who was he looking after anyway? Maybe the sellers? Did Drummer profit?

Hon. Tony Duncan, Duncan can’t or won’t do the job that he was elected to do in Center Township SC Court. The man won’t evict in Center Township even when ordered by the Center Township Judge. Who runs that court anyway? Tony Duncan?

Melina Kennedy, Peterson’s prodigy? Give me a break!!! She may be HOT but that’s all she has going for her.

Hon. Joanne Sanders, if Joanne wasn’t so hateful she could be effective in city government. As it is Joanne is all anti republican. If the city would benefit from a Republican led proposal Joanne would vote against it even if she would normally support a similar proposal had it been proposed by a democrat.

The rest of the list is a joke too.

artfuggins said...

My nonsupport of Orentlicher is not related to the Carson campaign. Orentlicher has never tried a case in court. As a Democrat, we went down that road in 2006. I don't want to travel that road again.

Anonymous said...

Hon. Vernon Brown, Hon. Tony Duncan, Hon. Joanne Sanders

There is nothing "honorable" about any of these people, nor any politician in general. These people applied for a job, one that the general public controls. How many people here who have employees write them letters starting with "To the Hon. John Doe?" It is high time people in this country stop bowing down to other humans just because they are elected to carry out the people's business. Same goes for standing in court when a judge walks in? Why do we do that? Sorry, but going to law school, passing the state bar, and winning an election doesn't make one a King.

I am glad folks are raging on about Obama speaking to kids. Hopefully this rage spills over to the @$$kissing we see going on with other politicians.

Downtown Indy said...

CT, Melyssa has taken a hiatus (although she sounded like it may be permanent). I don't know anymore than that.

As to Voyles contributing to Brizzi - wow, if THAT doesn't smack of conflict of interest!

He seems to win cases that, from the publically-available information, seem like there's no way. Yet it happens time and again.

This is often attributed to talented lawyering, and surely that's true - he has to be a sharp one. But to be giving money to the opposition for an election campaign? Smells fishy to me and certainly looks bad whether there's anything funny going on or not.