Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hill's "My Townhall" Outburst Continues To Reverberate

FOX 41 News affiliate in Louisville is taking Indiana's U.S. Rep. Baron Hill (D) to task for his refusal to let a journalism student videotape his recent town hall meeting in Bloomington. State GOP Chairman Murray Clark comments on Hill's actions in a fundraising appeal to Republicans:

"Friends, this sort of attitude isn't limited to Baron Hill and is exactly what is wrong with the Democrat Congress led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid," Clark says. "As the Indiana Republican Party continues to fight Obama's attempts at a government takeover of health care, we need your help," he continues. "Whether you live in the 2nd District where Rep. Joe Donnelly refuses to take a stand on the issue, or in the 8th District where Rep. Brad Ellsworth may support government-run health care, we'll all suffer the same consequences if President Obama and Congressional Democrats get their wish."

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