Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dumezich In Senate Race?

He's been sending mixed signals, but the latest signals former State Rep. Dan Dumezich has been sending suggests he plans to jump into the Republican primary race for the right to challenge Sen. Evan Bayh (D) next year. WIBC's Eric Berman has this bit of information on comments Dumezich made today as he prepared to hold a town hall meeting in Fishers tonight which suggest he's gearing up for a run:

Former Schererville Representative Dan Dumezich isn't announcing his plans for a couple more weeks, but has been holding town meetings across the state, including one in Fishers on Wednesday night. He accuses Bayh of opportunism, shifting toward the center only when there's an election coming up . . .

And Dumezich says he beileves news stories about the corporate board work of Bayh's wife Susan has prompted voters to take a closer look at Bayh's record. Susan Bayh has served on as many as eight corporate boards, including WIBC parent company Emmis Communications. Her service on the board of Indianapolis health insurance giant WellPoint has prompted some activists on both sides of the aisle to question whether Sen. Bayh has a conflict of interest in the health care debate.

Dumezich blasts what he calls proposals for a government takeover of health care, but all the candidates frame their opposition to Bayh in terms of broad disagreement with Obama's philosophy, accusing him of bloating federal spending in the name of making government bigger.

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