Wednesday, September 23, 2009

She Said, He Said

Who is telling the truth? First Lady Michelle Obama recounts a scare she and Barack experienced when their daughter Sasha became ill as an infant. Michelle says the doctor thought it might be meningitis, but it turned out to be something far less serious. President Obama remembers an entirely different story. She had meningitis and it was touch and go for a few days he recounts in the video above. A new book about the Obama's marriage by Christopher Andersen recounts Obama's version of the story that Sasha had meningitis but with a sharp twist on the story for the President as he discusses their marital problems at the time. "As 3-month-old Sasha cried unconsolably that night in September 2001, Obama got out of bed, came into the room and asked, 'Jeez, Michelle -- Can't you get her to stop?' Andersen writes. Michelle "whirled around and shot her husband a withering glance," Andersen wrote. The President has similarly misrepresented the health care experiences of other Americans in an effort to demonize health insurance companies.


Concerned Taxpayer said... you expect liberals to tell the TRUTH! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!
How else can they get their point across?

interestedparty said...

Years ago, when my son was little and I had been up all night taking care of him, I finally decided I couldn't make it through another night like that, so I called the doctor's office for an appointment, called my husband at work leaving a message for him to meet me at the Doctor's office since I thought we might be talking about going to the hospital, put the kid in the care and rushed off to the office. Just as the Doc and I were finishing up our appointment and completing the treatment plan, the nurse ushered my husband into the room - he couldn't find the office sooner, because he didn't remember our children's pediatrician's name. Men!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Fortunately, I grew up in a traditional home where mom was always there to take care of her sick kids. I'll never forget having the really bad flu virus that went through around 1972. Mom stayed up all night with my sister and me for several nights as we suffered through it. A mom can offer a touch of care a father is simply not suited to provide. So many kids don't have a mom to look after them, let alone a father. If a child never bonds with a parent during those formitive years, an emotional scar forms in that child's head that will never disappear.