Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's The Purpose Of Your Existence?

That pretty much summarizes the view of a Star editorial responding to the Washington Township Board's decision last week to vote itself a 60% pay raise. "It's never easy for taxpayers to watch a government body vote itself a pay raise," the editorial reads. "It's especially hard when that government body should not exist."


jojo said...

Washington Township Board President Ray Baker said this morning the raises were necessary because the township has a lot of work to do, even though it doesn’t have a fire department anymore. He says the township has to sell land, cell phone towers and consolidate office space. He also says the public doesn’t understand township government and it would take too long to educate them.

Really? Here’s your opportunity to get educated from the people who voted “yes”.

Ray Baker, 327-4819 or 257-5677, rbclimited@att.net
Joe Simpson, 283-4096, jesimp@earthlink.net
Mary Orea, 925-0079, mary.orea@centergov.org
David Smith, 796-5069, dfsinvol09@yahoo.com

M Theory said...

I would do that job, which requires far less than I already give to my city in terms of time, for FREE!

Did you hear that, Ray Baker? Melyssa Donaghy would do the township board job for free!

And you can bet I would not waste the hard earned money of my fellow citizens.

artfuggins said...

I bet HFT would do the usual share of bitching and whining though.

M Theory said...

I'd much prefer praising to bitching. And I praise every time I get the chance. The problem is that our politicians don't often do things that put the people and our money first.

Anyone look at the HFFT blog today? We actually posted a video of a Massachusetts State Senator stuffing a cash bribe into her bra!