Friday, November 14, 2008

If We Could Have Only Had Answers To These Questions From Obama

Who needs Nixon's White House plumbers to dig for dirt on potential enemies when an application for employment with the Obama administration will accomplish the same objective. I'm, of course, referring to the now infamous job questionnaire making its way around the Internet and the derisive feedback some of the questions asked of applicants is receiving. There are 63 questions in all that an applicant is required to answer. In attorney lingo, if similar information was requested in a litigation discovery request, the opposing party would justifiably call it a fishing expedition rather than a quest to discover information relevant to the litigation. Here's some of the questions which caught my eye:

  • "If you or your spouse ever worked abroad, please describe the circumstances." As if Obama would answer any questions about his alleged birth abroad, his alleged adoption by his Indonesian step-father or his alleged Indonesian citizenship during this past presidential campaign. It only figures that he would expect more disclosure from his potential employees about their foreign ties than he was willing to share with the American voters.
  • "Briefly describe any controversial matters you have been involved with during the course of your career." Again, Obama the candidate protested the discussion of any of his controversial associations with the likes of William "The Bomber" Ayers or Rev. Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright. Yet, you better be prepared to disclose any such matters if you want to work in his administration.
  • Anything you've ever written (book, article, column, or publication must be identified. That includes any aliases or "handles" you may have used on the Internet. Do you think that includes the identity of persons who ghost wrote a book or article for you as well? And how compliant was the Obama campaign in furnishing the public his past work? Wasn't all of his Illinois Senate records dumped in the garbage and unavailable for public inspection?
  • If you've ever given a speech, identify it. If it was recorded, furnish the recording. Again, didn't it require a lot of digging for anyone to find out similar information on Obama's speeches before he became a candidate for president?
  • This is my personal favorite: "If you have ever sent an electronic communication, including but not limited to an e-mail, text message or instant message, that could suggest a conflict of interest or be a source of embarrassment to you, your family, or the President-Elect if it were made public, please describe." That question should pretty much disqualify anyone under the age of 40.
  • Another question asks you to identify any affiliation you or your spouse has had with a financial institution, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG and Washington Mutual. Why? Almost every one of Obama's top advisers have financial ties to one of these entities. It hasn't stopped them. Why should it stop anyone else from serving in his administration?
  • The financial disclosures go well beyond what Obama made public about he and his wife's personal finances. You are required to disclose any net worth statement you furnished to a bank, a copy of all brokerage statements for investment accounts, all loans you or your spouse have received in excess of $10,000, all real estate held in your name or your spouse's name or through a third party for your benefit over the past 10 years, the terms of any mortgage you've received, including any special terms, any interest you may have in any government grants, loans, services or guarantees, any gift you or your spouse received in excess of $50,000. Gee, if Obama had only furnished all of this information during his presidential campaign, the U.S. Attorney in Chicago may well have indicted him already.
  • Do you have a same sex partner? Better own up to it. Obama wants to know who you've been cohabitating with the past 10 years.
  • Have a blog, a MySpace or FaceBook account? Turn it over. Obama wants to read it.
  • Another favorite is a question asking if you've had any association with a person, group or business that could be used to attack or impugn your character and qualifications for government service. Again, I'm reminded of Ayers, Wright, Rezko, et al.
  • Own a gun? Tell us about it, including if anyone has been harmed as a result of your ownership of a gun. Interestingly, there are no questions asking about any terrorist organizations with which you may have been associated.

If a person honestly and completely answered all of the questions asked of them to apply for a job in the Obama administration, the holder of that information would be able to hold a lot over your head for pretty much the rest of your natural life. Applicants are always told this information is held in confidence, but when it comes to anything involving politics, don't believe that for one minute. The Clintons went well beyond what Nixon's plumbers did in gathering dirt on potential enemies. Remember the FBI files episode at the Clinton White House when the files of every major Republican and Democrat in Washington wound up in the hands of an ex-bar bouncer and private investigator hired to work at the White House by Hillary Clinton? And recall how something terrible would always conveniently leak out about a Clinton antagonist who dared to challenge the Clintons? The Chicago political machine is reknowned for learning the peccadilloes of every political foe. You can bet that David Axelrod and Barack Obama are game to such tactics as well.


The Ripley Porch said...

My 63 questions...if I had a choice:

1. Can you name all fifty states and their capitals?
2. Explain the concept of the bill of rights.
3. Name any neighbor who borrowed stuff but never returned it.
4. Identify five presidents since 1900.
5. Are you saving energy by using twenty-two times the amount of power that a normal American family uses?
6. What should you do when bitten by a rattlesnake?
7. Who won WWI and WWII?
8. Isn't Brittney Spears the most beautiful woman in the world? (Yes or no only)
9. Should Lance Armstrong run the 2009 Tour de France?
10. Hank Williams or Elvis, who was better in the end?
11. The Pacer, was it the worst car ever made?
12. Should Zombies be declared authorized voters?
13. Should Brittney Spears play Joan of Arc for Mel Gibson?
14. Is Elvis truly dead?
15 If you made any public speeches....were any directed toward circus folks, dwarfs, Texans, or abstract art?
16. Have you ever been in Memphis, New Orleans, or St. Louis (negative points if you have)
17. Do you keep at least six guns in your house or car? (bonus points if yes)
18. Do you believe in Bigfoot, Loch Nessie and aliens? (bonus points if yes)
19. If you had to dig a septic tank, would you call a cousin or a neighbor for help?
20. Have you ever paid more than $19,999 for a car? Cite the model and brand if yes.
21. Would you pay $350k for a $240k house? (negative points if yes)
22. Would you toss out forty percent of your paycheck to cover a mortgage?
23. Would you buy a $300k house with only $30k in down payment?
24. Who was the best Bond?
25. Have you ever been in a Wal-Mart? (Negative points, if no)
26. Explain in detail any speech that Alan Greenspan has given (positive points, if you can't)
27. Where is Gitmo?
28. Show a 8x10 photo of any tatto on your body or your wife's body (in color please)
29. Provide all of the names of your dogs that you've owned since 1988.
30. Describe on a plain piece of paper your feelings toward Tonga.
31. Do you know anyone from Red Bay, Alabama?
32. Provide a listing of friendships and girlfriends, since 1978. Use red ink if they are former friends now.
33. Which weighs more? A ton of bananas or a ton of peanuts?
34. Which StarTrek commander would you prefer to be Janeway, Kirk or Picard?
35. Have you ever shopped QVC?
36. Have you ever watched wrestling?
37. Have you ever forgotten your wife's birthday?
39. If you lived in a dry county, would you honor the laws of that county?
40. If your minister was a nutcase, would you be willing to say that in public?
41. If a bunch of union cars and US car makers came up to you and asked for $50 billion...would you ask why they can't make cars that folks want or just hand them the $50 billion?
42. Does it bother you that the car union guys get $17 million a year in Viagra, which is built into the cost of every single car made?
43. Do you have a problem with burning leaves in October in your front yard?
44. Have you ever bought a mower that you felt very dissatisfied with?
45. If Tab was the only drink left on the face of the earth....would you accept it and drink it?
46. On a hot day...cold beer or cold wine cooler?
47. Whats your belt size?
48. Can you cook up your own breakfast?
49. If a bunch of Harvard/Princeton/Yale/Colombia business school graduates came to you and said they had bankrupted America...would you halt the entire business school program at these four universities?
50. How many times should a guy be allowed to vote on election day in America?
51. Do you know any hippies?
52. Do you mow your own grass?
53. Are there any true explanations to putting a septic tank in the front yard instead of the back yard?
54. Is Keith Olbermann of MSNBC a dope?
55. Give five good reasons why any guy should stay 30 years in the Senate.
56. Have you ever dated a deranged man or woman?
57. When was the last time you attended a county fair?
58. Do you know any women who wear a blouse a size too small?
59. If you needed help...who would not call and why?
60. If you had to talk real personal to someone....would you do it on the front porch or the back porch?
61. Why do most Democrats take money from bankers and most Republicans from oil companies?
62. Can you point to Mongolia on the map?
63. Are you a forgiving kinda guy or a revengeful kind of guy?

artfuggins said...

I think I detect some poor losers in the crowd.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

So...does this mean that Obama is going to release his college transcripts now, and his thesis papers, etc.?

Oh...and his REAL birth certificate?

No...I didn't think so.

garyj said...

I think I detect some poor losers in the crowd.

And your alter-ego, wilson46201, WASN'T a sore loser on the last Mayoral election in Indy??????/

jbargeusa said...

I still think Barack "Tyrant" Obama is less threatening than Dick Cheney. You talk of the Chicago machine holding info over someone's head, but I still do not see or hear of anything approaching the current vice-president telling a US Senator, "Go f#$% yourself." Talk about threatening. Or perhaps you consider it "classy".


What is a shame is that sheeple like Art don't yet realize that while America did win a victory in proving that we've overcome racism, we've lost our country.

OBama at is core is a socialist and you can bet that the vast majority of sheep who voted for him have no concept of what that means.

The bright side is that the democrats can't play the race card anymore.


Jbargeusa, you've got a good point about Cheney. That man is evil.