Thursday, November 06, 2008

Vane To Join Ballard Administration

There have been rumors for a few weeks of coming changes in the Ballard administration. The Star's Susan Guyett says Robert Vane will become Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director for the administration starting Monday. Vane is a well-liked guy who knows how to talk and listen to folks from all perspectives. He will make a good addition to Ballard's staff. Press Secretary Marcus Barlow tells Guyett to expect further announcements this week.


M Theory said...

I like that Robert Vane too!

Paul K. Ogden said...

Vane is a skilled media guy and he will do a good job representing the Mayor. Ultimately though press spokesmen, like attorneys, are only as good as the clients they represent. Vane needs the Mayor to start advocating an agenda that appeals to 51% of the electorate and avoids some of the really bad political moves he's made thus far.

It's good to see that this change may portend a shakeup in the Mayor's office. He really needs better advisers around him.

Unknown said...

Robert Vane is so dreamy