Monday, October 06, 2008

There She Goes Again

Linda Pence has a new TV commercial out boasting about her fight against a supposed "child abuser", volunteer coach. She says the toughest law against him didn't apply because he was a volunteer. What Pence doesn't tell you is that this alleged abuser was not even working as a volunteer coach for the school at the time this alleged abuse occurred and the girls in question were of the legal age of consent. Ergo, he broke no laws. She also says he lost his job. What she doesn't tell you is that she drove to two different Chicago law firms where the man worked and asked the managing partners to fire him after providing them a lot information, including a significant amount which was completely unsubstantiated. The first law firm dismissed her as an over-zealous trial lawyer looking to score a few bucks. The second law firm took her seriously and fired the man. Pence doesn't mention that she quickly settled a civil lawsuit she brought on behalf of her clients who were allegedly abused after the attorney defendant filed a defamation lawsuit against her in federal district court for doing, among other things, spreading a false rumor that the attorney gave another woman a sexually transmitted disease. She also doesn't tell you that at least one of the alleged abused girls fought her and her lawsuit every step of the way. And while we're on the subject of that settlement agreement, is it possible that confidential settlement agreement Pence reached with the attorney included a non-disparagement clause? And does her use of him to promote her political campaign violate the terms of that settlement agreement? Just asking. These are all matters the media should be asking if they were doing their jobs, but it seems our Indianapolis media is too taken with Ms. Pence to do any investigate work on her claims.

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