Friday, October 10, 2008

John McCain Can't Have It Both Ways

Today, Sen. John McCain chastised supporters at one of his own campaign rallies for thinking there was something to fear in Sen. Barack Obama becoming president. His audience rightfully reacted with boos when McCain vouched for the man who has been bludgeoning him in one negative campaign ad after another, lying about his record, suggesting he's corrupt or just too old and erratic. Sen. McCain, don't tell your supporters not to fear an Obama presidency when your own campaign is running an ad warning Americans about Obama's long-standing personal and professional relationship with the unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers. The ad says Obama is just "too risky for America." It seems unthinkable in this post 9-11 era that a man who has palled around the past 20 years with people who sympathize with the 9-11 attackers and a domestic terrorist who bombed our U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and the home of a New York judge could be seriously considered for our highest office. So what is it, Sen. McCain? Either you believe your own ads or you don't. You can't have it both ways.


Jon E. Easter said...

I guess then you must agree with the extremists at McCain's and Palin's recent rallies that have called Senator Obama a terrorist and have said even worse things, too.

And, to another point, If you don't think McCain's recent debate performances and campaign tactics are not the definition of erratic, then what are they?

Vox Populi said...

I think if anything this shows how erratic and unpredictable Senator McCain is. One minute he's running against an inexperienced "celebrity" elitist who isn't ready to lead, the next minute Obama is a decent family man you don't have to be scared of as President.

Do you ever think maybe the Republicans should give up on the White House this year and focus on stemming their losses at the state and congressional level?

Unknown said...

When should John McCain admit that sleeping with a secessionist who wants to disrupt the United States is at least as bad as palling around with former domestic terrorists? Can you deny that Sarah Palin believes it is unamerican to pay her fair share of taxes? Can you deny she recorded a video welcoming the secessionists for their party convention? Are you in support of states declaring their own nationhood? Do you think it was wrong for McCain to interrupt a voter who wanted to say Obama is an "arab terrorist"? You used to sound rational - but your Illinois hangups have really made you angrier than is healthy.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever think maybe the Republicans should give up on the White House this year and focus on stemming their losses at the state and congressional level?

Why? The best thing to get the burn-off started in this country would be a Democrat sweep of the Congress and White House. We could rename the country the United Socialist States of America. The Dems could impose massive union rules, executive pay rules, etc. and drive business from the country. Then to pay for all their social programs, they would then be forced to attack the only renaming productive class: The middle class. Massive taxation upon the middle class will cause massive protest, riots, and civil unrest. Given this country is in debt to its eyeballs, a massive civil upheaval via a Democrat party sweep might actually be a good thing.

I plan on watching the burn-off live on CNN Headline News.

Anonymous said...

This is a country of United States. If a state doesn't want to be united, it shouldn't have to be. Of course our first fascist, Abraham Lincoln, wouldn't dare let the empire collapse and split, thus he invaded a sovereign nation, the Confederate States of America. I am not from the South, but I believe that they had every right to leave the union. I also question the history of the South attacking first, because as the saying goes, the victors write the history books. Either way, if a state wants to leave, it should be allowed to leave. However, this is now a collection of states now thought of as a biding collective nation with a mix of damn near everything: Fascism, communism, socialism, capitalism, and others.

If you want to know where the country is heading and what new maps will look like, read Civil War Two by Thomas Chittum. Pretty much everything he has written about seems to be happening.

Sean Shepard said...

More and more I'm convinced that the differences between the two old parties represent very little difference from each other on anything other than wedge social issues, if even that.

What is wrong with secessionists? It is "unAmerican" for the country to have passed a 3-6% Income Tax on only the very wealthy and today have to pass special legislation just to avoid millions of middle class Americans being subject to 20 to 30% of their income in taxes to pay for debt on deficit spending, inappropriate foreign interventions, huge bureaucracies, wall street bailouts and so on.

Neither one of these bozos is talking about how they are going to pay the $55 billion current and future liability bill. We need to go a different way before it's too late.

Chris Worden said...

I can explain precisely what happened here. Though I disagree with John McCain, he is an honorable man. But the handlers that come with the presidential campaign are not as much. They give him these words to say, and they tell him it will get him elected, so he obliges, thinking they are just words. But then he looks around and realizes that he's just seen the worst of America, and he's afraid for it. That's the irony. McCain could keep stoking this fire, but it's not in him to sully America further. What are just words to McCain become violent fantasies to his crowds, and when he sees it, he is revolted. He finds himself hating his own supporters for the extremes to which they take the path he began for them. John McCain, I, for one, support you for taking a step back from the ledge some of your nutty followers wanted you to jump over with them. You may lose the presidency for not continuing to stoke the flame of fear, but you won't lose your dignity.