Thursday, October 09, 2008

ACORN Turns In 2,500 Fraudulent Voter Registrations In Lake County

It is absolutely unbelievable that ACORN, the supposed nonprofit group which operates as an extension of Obama's presidential campaign, is permitted to register votes anywhere in the U.S. The Sun-Times reports that the group has turned in as many as 2,500 fraudulent voter registrations in Lake County, Indiana alone over the past two weeks. Abdon Pallasch writes:

As many as 21,000 Hoosiers turned out in the rain Wednesday to cheer on Barack Obama at the state fairgrounds.

But in Lake County, Ind., a nonprofit group Obama once represented as a lawyer, ACORN, filed an estimated 2,500 fraudulent voter registrations in the past two weeks, county election officials say.

Indianapolis and Gary gave Obama his highest vote totals in the Indiana primary, along with college towns such as South Bend and Bloomington.

Lake County, as in other parts of the country, Obama backers say they have signed up thousands of voters inspired by Obama. ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, has participated in many of those registration drives. Some Republicans have charged that ACORN members engage in vote fraud. In Las Vegas, federal officials raided ACORN's offices Tuesday as part of a vote-fraud investigation.

Here's the part of the story I like. ACORN registered a "Mr. Johns Jimmy" at the address of a Jimmy John's in Crown Point:

In Lake County, 18,000 new voters have registered in the last two weeks, about 5,000 of them signed up by ACORN, said Ruthann Hoagland, of the county's board of elections. As they started making verification calls on the ACORN registrations, employees found about half were false, she said. One was for a Mr. Johns Jimmy at the address of a Jimmy John's sandwich shop in Crown Point. Some registrants were dead.

Hoagland said one ACORN official told her that the employees who filed the fraudulent registrations have been fired. ACORN officials could not be reached for comment. Republican officials have taken the issue to federal court.

The story notes Obama's long-standing ties with the group:

Obama successfully represented ACORN in Chicago in its effort to protect the law that allows people to register to vote when they get their driver's licenses. Obama's campaign had no comment on ACORN's current difficulties.


M Theory said...

Gary do you have any idea how much taxpayer funded grants are given to ACORN?

Every single registration submitted by ACORN needs to be pulled and audited.

And ACORN needs to face fines for defrauding the American taxpayer who, through no fault of our own, is forced to fund them through COngressional cowardice.

Covenant60 said...

I swear.... Obama and his tactics are looking more and more like Hugo Chavez all the time. Take a look at the article linked on Drudge about "community activists" (ie thugs) hounding people in Cleveland to register 70 times.

Eliminating the union secret ballot and replacing it with union thug intimidation, suppression of conservative speech, putting productive people in a 5% kill zone, fraudulently registering and voting,.....

Hello, Venezuela North.

Obama et al are just plain dangerous.

Downtown Indy said...

Wonder who else, Papa Murphy, Del Taco, Noble Roman?

And yet, the dems want to dismiss this BS as just accidents or something.

The corruption runs rampant every which way you examine Obama and we're all supposed to just look the other way? I don't think so.

M Theory said...

FoxNews is interviewing Paul Ogden today for exposing that 105% of our citizens are registered to vote

Rico43 said...

ACORN is stealing this election for Obama before our very eyes.

p.s. This site can no longer be accessed simply with I thought you may like to know.

Kevin in Brownsburg said...

I'll probably be labeled a racist for pointing this out but the coliseum at the state fair grounds only seats 8,000 at most. If this is true we need to have an investigation as to why teh state fire marshall's office allowed such overcrowding. This is a legitimate public safety concern.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Kevin, It's obvious there weren't 21,000 people there. The initial news reports said several thousand people were there--by the time the evening news rolled around the number had grown to 21,000.

artfuggins said...

The meeting was not in the coliseum It was in the grandstands of the race track which holds 14, 500 and was packed to overflowing. There were several thouand people people seated in front of it and several thousand people standing. Several different experts estimated the crowd at 21,000. It is so much easier to estimate a crowd at a McCain rally when you are look at hundreds [maybe] instead of 21,000.

Indy4U2C said...

The ACORN didn't fall far from the tree! Isn't ACORN another name for O'Bama Campaign?

Anonymous said...

Thankfully Indiana has a voter ID law, so "Johns Jimmy" would not have been able to vote. Under the old law where no ID was needed, someone would have likely voted under that name had the fraud not been caught. This, along with the crowd numbers, makes me wonder if ACORN isn't really trying to commit fraud in Indiana (due to our strong voter ID law), but instead are just trying to make it look like Obama minions are registering in groves in an attempt to make McCain supporters believe that there is no way he can win. If you register thousands of more people than live in an area, and are going to lengths that you are using NFL rosters and business names, it is pretty obvious that there is more than just hoping someone can voter under that name. ACORN is now engaged in a propaganda scheme hoping that McCain supporters believe the drive-by media hype that all these new registered voters are people who are in awe of Obama and there is no way The Chosen One can lose.

Downtown Indy said...

The flip side to 'get out the vote' is 'discourage people who normally would vote.' I think we see that alternative strategy fully-activated now.