Sunday, October 26, 2008

People Who Don't Pay Taxes Want You To Vote For IPS Bond Issue

The Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis wants you to support IPS' $278 million bond issue. "Rev. Bruce Patton, a longtime Concerned Clergy member and retired Indianapolis Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) pastor, said defeat of the referendum would be a defeat for schoolchildren," writes the Star's William Booher. "I think it would deter learning," Patton said of the continued deterioration of the old school buildings. "I think it would be a disaster, in my opinion." The bond issue will cost average homeowners hundreds of dollars a year more in property taxes. Contrary to what proponents have been telling the public, the new taxes are on top of the property tax caps signed into law by Gov. Mitch Daniels earlier this year. The ministers' churches, of course, won't be paying for these higher property taxes since they are tax-exempt. It would also be nice if they showed as much interest in support for education reform initiatives which would actually improve the quality of the education the children receive at IPS schools as opposed to spending more on construction projects.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

Isn't that the liberal democrat answer to all problems...spend more TAXPAYER dollars?

ajpindy said...

We choose to send our children to a Catholic school in an IPS district that was built in 1915 and doesn't have air conditioning. We do this because of the dedicated teachers and the Christian teaching environment. We gladly pay extra to have this even without the air conditioning. It's not about the air conditioning.