Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lucas Oil A Bust As A Concert Venue

This is not good news for the $720 million Lucas Oil Stadium. Reviews are coming in from the first concert held in the new stadium and they're not good. WTHR's Kris Kirschner says some concert-goers walked out on the Kenny Chesney concert last night because the sound quality was so bad. She reports:

What's good for the Colts wasn't good for country music fans at Lucas Oil Stadium.

While a packed house for the Colts home opener rocked the roof at the stadium, those who filled the seats for Saturday's Kenny Chesney concert - the stadium's first concert - complained about the sound and some even walked out early.

"It's just one great big, long rumble because it's echoing from the roof and from the walls," said Bill Howard, who came from Ft. Wayne for the concert.

The stadium was billed as a multi-purpose facility, but the 1.8-million square foot attraction wasn't a sound venue for fans who paid hundreds of dollars to hear their favorite singer perform.

In e-mails to Eyewitness News, several people who attended the concert complained about the building's acoustics.

"The sound was by far the worst I have ever heard at any concert or club," wrote one viewer. "We couldn't make out the words or even the music."

"We won't be back to a concert at Lucas Oil," wrote another.

The retractable roof was opened to help the sound situation, but many frustrated fans left before the show ended.

"You can't hear nothing," Howard said.

No one from Lucas Oil Stadium was available for an interview Sunday, but a source close to the stadium admitted there was a problem at Saturday's concert and that technicians worked throughout the evening. Although there was improvement, officials say there is still more work to be done.

Similar complaints were lodged when Conseco Fieldhouse opened nine years ago. Improvements were made to that arena to accomodate future concerts.

I'm not sure the acoustics problem can be fixed to the satisfaction of concert-goers. Kirschner also reports that 37 people were busted at the concert, mostly for underage drinking. One concession stand sold beer to a 19-year-old.


POPA said...

Whaaa?!?! How in the world could good old wholesome country music (so prominently featured at the Republican National Convention) be connected to underage drinking?!?!

Garth A Brazelton said...

*Gasp* an adult old enough to die in Iraq being served alcohol? How will our society cope?

Tori said...

I'm sorry but what does an adult old enough to die in Iraq being served alcohol? How will our society cope? have to do with this review. That was completely from left field and ridiculous. Someone just trying to make a point...very poorly also.

I went to the concert last night and yes it was terrible..the sound that is. Other than that, if that fact would have been taken away the concert may have been the best one I have ever been too! Way to go Kenny for keeping it exciting. I'm sure he knew about the sound but once he came on the energy spiked up enough not to mind! Overall, would I attend another concert at LOS? Heck no.

guy77money said...

Just how many shows are going to afford to pay Irsay and the Colts to perform in the stadium. Not many!

Gary R. Welsh said...

I have no problem lowering the drinking age to 18; however, as a government-owned facility, I think it is obliged to strictly enforce the law until the law is changed.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

No problem. The taxpayers will take care of it.

After all, we don't want to upset Mr. Irsay.