Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Arts Funding Dominates Budget Hearing

The $1.5 million in funding for the Indianapolis Arts Council represents less than one-tenth of one percent of the City's proposed $1.1 billion budget, but a proposed reduction of $500,000 in arts funding dominated the City-County Council's public hearing on the budget. The proponents of reducing or eliminating the funding have the better argument in these tough fiscal times. This is non-essential funding. More importantly, the City's share of funding for the arts is such a small drop in the bucket for the local arts community that it's hard for its supporters to argue that the elimination or reduction in funding will have an appreciable impact on the arts community. It's unfortunate that the public debate last night focused on such a small area of the budget.


artfuggins said...

The arts people voted for Ballard because they were upset with their property taxes...maybe Meridian Kessler will be a little more discerning when the next mayor's election comes up. YOU WANTED HIM, YOU GOT HIM. Quit complaining.

M Theory said...

Umm...the MK folks were there and they testified to cut funding.

Wilson, you should talk about what you know.

7th CD guy said...

does everyone think that artfuggins and wilson46201 are the same person?

Did anyone notice that board members are getting a 25% pay raise with the new budget? 25% for a part-time job???? What does that pay to begin with and why to board members get a 25% pay raise??
Thats complete BS!!!!
We need more police officers, a new football stadium that the Colts can actually win games in, a new fieldhouse for the Pacers, so they will not shoot in the streets anymore, and more abandonded homes!

Gary R. Welsh said...

I don't like the word verification either 7th cd guy. It really helps to cut down on the spam so my e-mail inbox doesn't fill up as fast.

garyj said...

Jimmy, what the hell are you talking about? Board members are not paid! It is a non-paid position. When I told you we were getting a 25% pay increase, it was a joke that you fell for. They could triple my pay from the board and I would still get.....nothing!
Now you've got Wilson and artfuggins reading the budget line-by-line looking for that increase.

and get some new glasses. I know your insurance covers them.

artfuggins said...

Wilson,....some day you and I need to make a joint appearance so they these neocons will quit thinking that there is only progressive thinking Democrat in the county. It would also shut up this Art/Wilson crap. I missed you at the reverse raffle last Sunday. Andre Carson was there and made a great impression on everyone....as usual.

M Theory said...

Art, the LAST thing I am is a NEOCON.

I advocate for self-reliance, equality, volunteerism, small government and am a fiscal conservative.

And the LAST thing the neocons are is conservative.


Again, this shows how little you know about the labels you put on people.