Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Attention Marion County Legislative Candidates

We, the taxpayers, of Marion County want to hear from all of our state legislative candidates this year. We want to know what your position is on a state bailout of the CIB to pay for the shortfall of funds to pay Lucas Oil Stadium's operating and maintenance expenses. This includes any legislative proposal to allow new taxes, user fees or diversion of revenues from the food and beverage tax, hotel tax and car rental tax intended to be used exclusively to pay off the construction bonds for the $720 million stadium. The public position of all candidates will be posted here and on other blogs. Any candidate who does not announce his or her position will be deemed to be a proponent of a state bailout. Candidates should e-mail me at with their position on this important issue.

Feedback from legislative candidates:

Adam Nelson (R-District 86): "I DO NOT SUPPORT A BAILOUT! I am sick of government bailing out corporations by taking money out of our pockets! This is exactly why I became a candidate (first-time). The taxpayer seems to always get stuck paying the bill and it's time to get people in office to stop it."

Chris Swatts (R-District 89): "Absolutely no bailout."

Rep. Phil Hinkle (R-District 92): "No, absolutely NO BAILOUT. If it was such a good deal, let Bart Peterson and Fred Glass form a partnership and operate the Oil Can, keep the profits and relieve the taxpayer of any burden to maintain the facility. We will of course continue to pay down the bond as they obligated us to do."

Rep. Jon Elrod (R-District 97): "No Bail-Out".

Ed Angleton (L-District 100): "No. No bailout, No."

Need to hear from:

Sen. Teresa Lubbers (R-District 30)
Sen. Pat Miller (R-District 32)
Greg Taylor (D-District 33)
Sen. Jeane Breaux (D-District 34)
Sen. Mike Young (R-District 35)
Sen. Brent Waltz (R-District 36)
Rep. Jeb Bardon (D-District 25)
Ed DeLaney (D-District 86)
Rep. Cindy Noe (R-District 87)
Pamela Hickman (D-District 87)
Rep. Brian Bosma (R-District 88)
John Barnes (D-District 89)
Rep. Mike Murphy (R-District 90)
Rep. Robert Behning (R-District 91)
Stephanie DeKemper (D-District 92)
Rep. David Frizzell (R-District 93)
Cherrish Pryor (D-District 94)
Chad Miller (R-District 94)
John Bartlett (D-District 95)
Greg Porter (D-District 96)
Mary Ann Sullivan (D-District 97)
William Crawford (D-District 98)
Vanessa Summers (D-District 99)
John Day (D-District 100)


Mann Law, P.C. said...

How about a special tax on professional sports salaries, benefits etc. and franchises? Or a ticket tax? Let the people who go there pay for it. Most Marion County tax payers derive no benefit from the Colts or Pacers and can't affrord to go to the games anyway. The surrounding county tax payers pay for the stadium and derive no benefit as well.

7th CD guy said...

How dare you, true conservative! Asking the players to pay for their stadium???? How will Irsay explain that to them? Ticket tax??Never happen anyway. If they were forced into a special tax, they would leave us with a losing team and an over-priced stadium. Let the poor people pay for our playground. If we sell out, they can watch it on TV. After all, it is the new Bears Stadium we have. Remember, they beat us in our new house at the opening game. For the Billion daoolars we paid for it, and the profits going to a drug addicted alcoholic, we should at least have a team that will win games at home.

M Theory said...

Gary, I'm cross posting. Thank you.

M Theory said...

My neighbor called me today to give me a ticket to some fancy open bar cocktail party there tonight. I told him I don't ever want to step foot in that God forsaken stadium.

Anonymous said...

What will you do, if tomorrow the Indy Star puts out its poll showing Obama leading McCain in INDIANA?

Sean Shepard said...

I appreciate the feedback already received from those candidates, including my former Congressional opponent Jon Elrod and my good friend Ed Angleton in taking a "no bailout" position.

I always urge voters and politicians to DO THE MATH so here is some quick simple math off the cuff:

8 regular season home games a year
63000 seats
8 years

cost of Lucas Oil (before interest) 750 billion
est. minimum cost of interest (4%) 650 billion
minimum estimated operating shortfall (30 years) 300 billion

TAXPAYER subsidized PER COLTS TICKER (assuming sell outs):
$49 per ticket (principal only)
$86 (including interest)
$105 (including operating shortfall)

Of course, it's "multi-use" but the point is still valid. Taxpayers are paying A LOT for part of every Colts ticket sold whether they go to the game or not.

Gary R. Welsh said...

sean, I'm assuming you mean "million" and not "billion".

MissouriDemocrat said...

Mely, never is a long long time and subject to change without notice.