Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rock Indiana To Haunt Senator Miller's Halloween Party

Pepper Partin and Rock Indiana have returned after a brief hiatus to haunt Senator Pat Miller’s Irvington Halloween Party. Rock Indiana, an ad hoc grassroots organization fighting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender discrimination, announced today its plan to publicize Senator Patricia Miller's radical anti-gay endeavors in the state's legislature during the Irvington Halloween Festival on October 29. Miller is a co-sponsor of the annual event held in her district according to the release.

An event organizers have dubbed, “Indiana’s Witch Hunt”, will distribute literature that will include details on Miller's legislative actions which, they insist, represent extremist anti-gay sentiment in Indiana's Senate. Organizers say the witch hunt theme draws upon Miller's proactive measures to keep Hoosier gays and lesbians from domestic partner benefits, entering into legal unions and having children. "Our state's economy is nothing short of a farce and Miller would rather spend taxpayers' money on a witch hunt - fulfilling her own personal agenda of oppressing gays and lesbians, who, by the way, are taxpayers too," says Pepper Partin, founder of Rock Indiana and a constituent in Miller's district.

According to the press release, Partin says that getting the word out to fellow constituents that Miller is an extremist who should not hold public office is the primary goal of attending the Halloween festival and engaging festival-goers. She contends that Senator Miller, with her latest highly publicized proposed bill to keep unmarried persons from artificially conceiving children, has helped to bring attention to the Senator's endeavors; thereby making Rock Indiana's job at the festival much easier. "Miller has drawn her own caricature of notoriety with her latest proposal aimed directly at gays and lesbians who cannot enter into a legal union in Indiana. No doubt many festival attendees will have heard about her personal crusade in the legislature."

Partin says that she and Rock Indiana organizers intend to direct Halloween festival goers to Miller's booth to discuss the literature the organization will be distributing. "I would think that Senator Miller will be more than happy to look her constituents in the eyes and tell them why she believes that oppressing Hoosier gays and lesbians is not only constitutional but a noble cause for her to champion as a legislator."

Pepper Partin and Rock Indiana were responsible for organizing a rally earlier this year at the State House in opposition to SJR 7, a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages and civil unions in Indiana. More than 1,000 protestors turned out for the event. According to the press release, Rock Indiana was also responsible for the statewide $2 Bill Campaign that began May 1, 2005 and ended August 31, 2005. The campaign brought attention to the economic power of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Hoosiers.

The Irvington Halloween Festival, produced by the Irvington Town Council and co-sponsored by Senator Patricia Miller, takes place October 29 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Washington Street between Ritter and Arlington. For more information on the Festival go to:

For more information about Rock Indiana's grassroots endeavors, contact Pepper Partin at

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