Thursday, October 27, 2005

Irsay's DUI Woes

The Indianapolis Star gives up Nancy Irsay’s witness list for her drunken driving and public intoxication charges from more than two years ago. It includes such luminaries as Judy O’Bannon, Howard Caldwell, Jean Bepko and Patricia Rooney. Irsay is defending charges she sped through the intersection of 38th and Illinois Streets at 70 mph, causing her Porsche Carrera GT to go airborne. She was returning home from the Indiana Historical Society’s Living Legends Gala the night of her 1:30 a.m. arrest. She behaved like any multi-millionaire widow at the social function her witnesses will testify.

Advance Indiana editor, Gary R. Welsh, has a good idea what drove Irsay to speed like she did that night. While returning home from a friend’s new home on the canal that same night, he encountered, well, quite a traffic jam. It seemed that a midnight bike ride was making its way from the Velodrome to downtown and back. The streets were all blocked for the bikers for what seemed like hours. As the two passengers in Welsh’s car can attest, there wasn’t a foul word that didn’t make it out of his mouth as he sat helplessly waiting for the bike ride to conclude. He suspects that Irsay’s patience waiting for the bikers had worn just as thin as his. So when the last bike finally passed, she did what anyone in her Manolo Blahnik shoes would have done, she gunned it. And boy do those Porsche’s have good pick up.

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