Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dallas GLBT Community Supports Miers

The Dallas Voice, a community newspaper for the GLBT community, reports that Dallas’ gay community approves of Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. “All [of the city’s gay city council members] said they had met [Miers] and respect her abilities and accomplishments . . . All said they would be comfortable with her appointment to the Supreme Court.”

Chris Luna, a Dallas attorney and city council member said, “She is judicious, she listens to people, gets all of the facts, doesn’t jump to conclusions. Then she makes a decision.” Luna also told the Dallas Voice that he thought Miers was capable of change. “When she has made the wrong decision she has no problem in doing a 180 and saying ‘I’ve learned more, and now I understand more about the facts,” Luna said. “She knows I’m gay . . . She wrote a glowing letter of recommendation for me to the Texas Bar Association,” Luna added.

Another former council member shared Luna’s views. Craig Holcomb said he always found Miers to be accepting whenever he and his partner ran into her at civic and social events. “She always seemed very nice to us as a couple and did not seem to feel awkward or anything,” Holcomb said. Another former gay city council member, Craig McDaniel is delighted by Miers’ appointment. “This is as good as we would ever get out of a Republican administration,” McDaniel added.

The article notes that as a city council member, Miers appointed gay people to boards and commissions. Political consultant Pat Cotton told the Dallas Voice that Miers had always been viewed as a moderate. Cotton added, “Miers impressed people because she is very smart, quiet and does her homework.”

These comments are totally consisted with what a gay-friendly source from the Dallas legal community personally familiar with Miers has told Advance Indiana. Marla, Bil and others please take note.

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