Thursday, October 27, 2005

Christian Right Order to Withdraw Miers Duly Noted

Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination to the Supreme Court. The Christian right has proven that it has veto authority over who sits on our highest court. It is not enough that she faithfully attended a Christian church throughout her life. She did not fit the stereotype expectation as a 60-year old unmarried woman. And because of that, she never had a chance with these narrow-minded bigots. How sad. Bush is weak and getting weaker. Had he only had the courage to fire Karl Rove two years ago after he learned of his role in the CIA leak case, he would not find himself in the perilous situation his presidency finds itself today.

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Anonymous said...

Three events signaling re-unification of Republican conservatives:

• Daniels comes out strongly against Proposition 68.
• Schwarzenegger changing his position as a pro-choice governor—now going to support Proposition 73, a proposed constitutional amendment to require parental notification before a teenager could have a safe and legal abortion. And he did this just before vetoing marriage equality legislation.
• Accepted withdraw of Harriet Miers’ nomination.

The fundie wingnuts and moderate sell-outs are renewing their marriage vows—invitations in the mail.