Monday, October 10, 2005

Christian Coalition Leader Accused of Molestation

File this under the “Why This Doesn’t Surprise Me” category. The Oregonian reports that police are investigating charges that the state’s Christian Coalition leader, Louis Beres, molested three of his female relatives while they were pre-teens. A nephew of Beres said, “"My family has gone through hell . . . Lives have been ruined. Those of us who have come forward have been ostracized, verbally abused and the victims of character assassination. . . . It must stop."

Beres is Oregon’s equivalent of Advance America's Eric Miller as its state chairman of the Christian Coalition, a political action group that endorses candidates and causes, publishes voter guides, lobbies the Legislature and Congress, and campaigns for and against ballot initiatives.

The Oregonian reports that the Christian Coalition web site describes the group as "Oregon's leading grassroots organization defending our Godly heritage." The group opposes abortion, gay rights and stem cell research according to the newspaper. Beres, who confirmed he was under investigation, told the Oregonian that he blamed "personal and political enemies" for the reports and said, "I never molested anybody."

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