Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Alabama Governor Facing Impeachment Over Alleged Affair With Former Staffer

The local Gannett-owned newspaper in Alabama is reporting that Alabama's embattled Republican governor, Robert Bentley, is now facing potential impeachment proceedings by state lawmakers after allegations surfaced that he had an extra-marital affair with a former staff member. A 5-page resolution calling for Gov. Bentley's impeachment charges him with "willful neglect of duty," "corruption in office," "incompetency" and "offenses of moral turpitude."

The resolution was filed by State Rep. Ed Henry, a Republican lawmaker. Gov. Bentley had admitted to making inappropriate comments to the former staff member, Rebekah Mason, whom he fired last month, but both Bentley and Mason deny they had a sexual relationship. Bentley and his wife were divorced last year after 50 years of marriage. Alabama's former Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier has accused the governor of using state resources to pursue the affair, a charge denied by Bentley.

The impeachment proceedings against Bentley begin just as the Speaker of the Alabama House is prepared to go on trial for public corruption charges. Speaker Mike Hubbard faces charges he misused his office for personal gain and solicited gifts from lobbyists, a common practice by some of our elected officials in Indiana that never results in prosecution. Hubbard has refused to resign as Speaker.


Sir Hailstone said...

And in the buckle of the bible belt, it's highly likely an impeachment like this based on these accusations will succeed. Especially since the LTG is another R. The previous time the Ethics Commission impeached a former governor back in the 1990's because he used leftover campaign money to renovate his house, the LTG was a D while the Governor was an R (the first R governor in over 100 years). If its true Bentley used his security detail to facilitiate the affair (where have we heard THAT before huh?) then the Ethics Commission might step in and impeach the Gov if the Senate is unsuccessful in convicting.

Anonymous said...

A white trash governor for a white trash state. How appropriate.