Thursday, April 07, 2016

$2.8 Million Grant For Skyline Project Awarded Courtesy Of Pence's Regional Cities Initiaitve

Gov. Mike Pence's Regional Cities Initiative is nothing but pork barrel politics at its worst. Public dollars are being passed out to bolster Pence's re-election without any regard for the public benefit those dollars provide. The best example of this is the $2.8 million that has been awarded to Fort Wayne's Skyline project by the Northeast Indiana Regional Development Authority from Pence's original $42 million Regional Cities Initiative, which got doubled during this year's legislative session.

The City of Fort Wayne had already approved the $98 million Skyline downtown project and kicked in $39 million in local money for the project, So why is nearly $3 million of our state tax dollars being handed out to a private developer for a project already under construction? So much for Mike Pence being a fiscal conservative. He's a tax-and-spend pork barrel politician who thinks our public tax dollars are fungible when it comes to running his re-election campaign. The Pence-controlled IEDC still has to sign off on the awarding of the grant, but that decision is already a foregone conclusion.


Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Pence, but he WILL win a 2nd term. Since the 1970's when the state allowed governors a 2nd term, every single incumbent has won. This year along with the incumbent governor will be no different.

Indiana voters are some of the dumbest people walking the planet.

Indiana will support more than likely support Trump in the primary.

Xenophobia is just too rich of a Hoosier value to not support him.

Anonymous said...

Another reason this Hoosier and now-former GOP grass roots supports political activist Kevin Warren's "PENCE MUST GO" campaign.

Not that the Democrats are any better but these RINO Republicans desperate for their hold on power are disgusting.

More and more, Mikey Pence is apparently the Mitch McConnell of Hoosier politics... do anything, lie all you want to the voters during the campaign, then revert back to the empty suit, establishment crony once safely back in office.

PENCE MUST GO! And his BFF Jeff Cardwell should be tossed out as well.

Anonymous said...

Full blown crony capitalism in Fort Wayne.

God help those who have dared to speak against it.