Monday, April 04, 2011

Donald Trump Will Run For President

Fox News contributor Bernard Goldberg tells Bill O'Reilly on the "O'Reilly Factor" tonight that a source very close to Donald Trump tells him that he has made up his mind and, "barring unforeseen circumstances," will seek the 2012 presidential nomination. That's music to my ears, even if it won't be to the news media and the GOP establishment. I think the current crop of Republican presidential candidates are so tepid and weak on the issues that have so many people concerned with the direction and leadership of this country or saying anything that will offend the O Media that none of them stand a chance of defeating Obama, who just announced today his plan to run for re-election. Whether it's our trade policies, monetary and banking policies, foreign policies or the critical issue of Obama's constitutional eligibility to even hold the office, Trump stands alone as the candidate willing to stake out the positions and directions this country must take if it has any hope of survival. There are things about Trump's personality that are not to my personal liking, but if he at least forces the Republican Party to get serious about offering a real alternative to Obama and the liberal Democrats in Congress, his candidacy will do a great service to not only the Republican Party but our country as well. Trump has suggested he would spend up to $600 million of his own money if he runs for president. You can bet none of the other Republican candidates will come close to matching that kind of money if he is really serious about spending that much money.


Downtown Indy said...

What could be better than reinforcing the stereotype that the Republican Party is the party of the filthy rich?

And doing so with a publicity-whore showman of PT Barnum's calibre?

M Theory said...

Compared to Bush or Obama? Trump's a dreamboat.