Monday, September 13, 2010

Stonewall Democrats Call For Resignation Of Marvin Scott's Campaign Manager

I'm not sure why the GOP congressional candidate in the 7th district, Marvin Scott, would have a controversial radio talk show host like Stan Solomon as his campaign manager, but he is now detracting from a campaign that was already struggling. Solomon has made a number of anti-gay, anti-Muslim bigoted comments on Twitter that have gained the notice of Democrats who back Scott's opponent, U.S. Rep. Andre Carson. The Stonewall Democrats issued a press release today calling on Scott to ask for Solomon's resignation unless he supports his controversial views.

The Indiana Stonewall Democrats are dismayed at the horribly xenophobic and homophobic comments Stan Solomon has made on Twitter. But what is more surprising is that Dr. Scott has not called for Solomon’s immediate dismissal.

We make that call now.

Dr. Scott’s inaction puts the choice for 7th District voters in stark contrast. While Dr. Scott ignores continued expressions of bigotry by his closest advisor, Congressman Andre Carson is a staunch ally of the LGBT community and is committed to honoring the diversity of the 7th District. ISD is proud to support Representative Carson and the respectful campaign he has run.

Lori Morris, President of ISD, added, "As part of a minority group constantly attacked by far-right groups, we stand in solidarity with Congressman Carson's respect for diversity. We strongly condemn Stan Solomon's hate speech that advocates the burning of Muslim holy cities and refers to LGBT people by derogatory slurs."
Among the slurs the press release notes Solomon has made on his Twitter account is one saying Gay stands for "Got AIDS Yet?" and another calling on Americans to burn Muslim holy sites, including Mecca and Medina. Solomon hosts a talk show called "Talk To Solomon" on He describes himself as a "Proactive Patriot, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Messianic Jew, Gun owner, God fearing Activist."

UPDATE: WISH-TV has this reaction from Marvin Scott to the controversial comments made by his campaign manager:

I don't know what he wrote, so I can't comment on it. But I do want to say I apologize to that community," said Scott. "I'm disappointed to hear this, and I am taking steps to remedy that."

Asked what remedies he's considering Scott answered, “I wouldn't like to say that, but it's the way any administrator would act when there's a loose cannon on the ship."
UPDATE II:  Going, going, gone. Solomon is officially out as Scott's campaign manager.


Wilson46201 said...

Stan Solomon's Sept.8th twitter "Save ur shots for politicians" shocked me. Is he really advocating shooting politicos?

Blog Admin said...

Maybe you or someone who reads the blog regularly could tell me what makes Solomon controversial? Obviously these comments on Twitter are extreme, but in the pre-social networking days, what was he known for?

Downtown Indy said...

... and complete moron.

Gary R. Welsh said...

When I first moved to Indy in 1990, Solomon had a radio show on one of the local radio stations. He was in the news fairly frequently for his controversial views for making statements not unlike he's making now on his Twitter posts. I forget which station aired his show, but I think it eventually got dropped. Let's just say he takes the "shock jock" routine to the extreme.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Is Marvin considered, or has he been designated a "teapartier" by some, and why?

Gary R. Welsh said...

A tea party candidate would have never supported the lousy utility transfer deal the Ballard administration rushed through the City-County Council and the Board of Waterworks, which Scott chairs, for which we will all be paying dearly for the next 2 generations. It's a backdoor tax increase by any other name and public financing at its worst.