Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Will He Fool Us A Third Time?

With less than a week left to go in the Indianapolis mayoral race, somebody at Mayor Peterson's campaign woke up and decided he needed another plan to justify his re-election to a third term. They give us Peterson Plan III. If you remember the first two plans, you aren't missing out on anything. Let's see, Mayor Peterson wants more police officers on the street. Sound familiar? He wants more charter schools. Sound familiar? Peterson wants to "build stronger neighborhoods". He wants to create more jobs. And he wants to make Indianapolis greener. If you think the city is better off than it was 8 years ago when Mayor Peterson took office, you should vote to re-elect him and get all that you deserve. If you're being honest with yourself, you've figured out Mayor Peterson is simply a big bag of wind who needs to be airlifted out of the Mayor's office before he inflicts more harm on our city than he already has.


Wilson46201 said...

That Indianapolis Star endorsement certainly makes a good TV spot for Peterson, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Boss Peterson....reminds me of Boss Tweed and Tamanay Hall.

Anonymous said...

wilson, that endorsement was hardly something to be proud of for a mayor that has been in office 8 years. read it again. the bottom line was ballard is too much of an unknown so we'll just go with peterson.

and it just adds to the pantheon of deceptive peterson ads this season.

the united worker -- glad one of them got a job. the rest have their houses in foreclosure.

the proud school mama -- never mentions it was a charter school closed for fraud.

if the mayor weren't bedfellows with the republicans, the ads countering these would have been fun to watch.

your bart peterson is a fantastic republican except when he can't figure out what to do and raises taxes.

you are being used . . . again . . . just like with the carsons . . . and will have nothing to show for it.

Anonymous said...

At least, Peterson has a plan. All Ballard can say is I am not Bart........that doesn't cut it with most of the voters....we want a plan or a vision or an idea or a thought or a hint or something........

Anonymous said...

7:15, I read the editorial, and agree with most of it.

I'm supporting the Mayor because I think, on balance, he's done a good job under difficult circumstances. It doesn't make me smarer than you, or make you dumber than me. It's a solid difference of opinion.

I'm not angry at Ballard or the Republicans.

So why in the hell are you--and Gary, and others--so angry at the Mayor? You're beginning to sound like a one-trick pony.

It really is getting old. Misplaced anger is an ugly thing.

Anonymous said...

"At least, Peterson has a plan. All Ballard can say is I am not Bart........that doesn't cut it with most of the voters....we want a plan or a vision or an idea or a thought or a hint or something........"

A few other words come to mind when I think of Bart's plans and vision like say......FANTASY, Bull sh#^, invention, mirage, halucination, slight of hand and the ever popular.......LIES

Anonymous said...

Don't forget when you go to the polls all those who voted in FAVOR on Peterson's Tax Hike

In Favor (15):
President Monroe Gray (D)
Vice-President Joanne Sanders (D)
Patrice Abdullah (D)
Mary Moriarty Adams (D)
Paul Bateman (D)
Rozelle Boyd (D)
Vernon Brown (D)
Lonnell "King-Ro" Conley (D)
Ron Gibson (D)
Scott Keller (R)
Lance Langsford (R)
Angela Mansfield (D)
Jackie Nytes (D)
William Oliver (D)
Cherrish Pryor (D)

To all, ignore the dumpster diver.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Wilson!! The Indianapolis Star Endorsement?
Thats about 1 step above the National Inquirer.

We can argue all we want now.
It's over. 90% of the voters have made up their mind, but 30% will still say "undecided".

We'll know in a week. (unless certain people cry "disenfranchisement" and demand a re-count

Anonymous said...

listed below are the reasons i am opposing the mayor -- even though i went to my car last week and someone had put a sign for him in my yard without asking (I didn't even get the $20).

by the way, i'm a democrat and a precinct committee chair. it would be fair to say i'm taking my duties somewhat lightly this year but like being in the loop, at least at some level. i am eager to return to my normal self after the municipal election, looking towards 2008.

1) the big one -- many of his citizens get crushed by property tax increases and he pushes thru the COIT on top of it. talk about kicking people while they are down.

2) when times are tough, the mayor cannot figure out how to cut a budget. he rushed thru the COIT increase because it was there and an easy answer. he didn't think people would notice. he simply does not have a clue what to do in a bad situation. even though he is presented as heroic, look at what he actually is doing? he just raises taxes and fees. his budget is a mess and it is hurting the people that support him the most.

3) his behavior towards his citizens this summer was despicable. the CCC meeting where he rounded up, ushered in, and paid CCC building workers to clap for him shows his disdain for his constituents. why does he have to have his own personal applause corps? if you haven't met him in person, he can't deal with not being liked and embraced. lucky him. he basically had 7 years of that . . . until he had to really lead.

4) his shiny, happy campaign ads. are you really finding a lot of people who feel good about indy right now? if so, i want some of what they are on. the ads are very deceptive -- most former united workers are not in good shape, the charter schools are actually a mess (see test scores, issues of fraud).

5) the behavior of his staff. the are either really bad at algebra of thrive on deception. knowing steve campbell, i honestly don't know which it is.

6) if you don't stand against corruption, you are standing with it. i am deeply disappointed in the mayor and certain democrat CCC members for not standing up against gray earlier. by the way, vern brown is just as bad but in different ways (thanks friends in IFD for the information).

This anger isn't misplaced. It is laser focused on a man who honesty is doing things that are making this city unlivable. Crime, corruption, and high taxes are not a recipe for a successful city.

I hold Bart Peterson accountable for all three.

Anonymous said...

"I'm supporting the Mayor because I think, on balance, he's done a good job under difficult circumstances."

Hey 7:32, did it ever occur to you why circumstances are so difficult? Could it be because of the inept policies of the current administration? Could it be because an ill-advised police merger was ram-rodded thru the city-county council without adequate planning? Could it be that the democrat controlled city-county council is dominated by unqualified gas-bags that look only to further their own interests? Could it be the spending sprees that resulted in multiple tax increases? Do you think any of that contributed to these difficult circumstances? Who do you think has been in charge the last 8 years, for crying out loud? You remind me of the defense attorney who argues for leniency for the client that murdered both his parents on account of he's an orphan.

Anonymous said...

I'm supporting Ballard because I can no longer afford Bart Peterson. My property taxes are sky high thanks to two huge IPS bond issues that the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce supported. I face another one of nearly a half a billion dollars and oh yea, my income taxes are up by 65% I mean seriously, we're into real money now.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:06 if you are REALLY a Demo precinct committeeperson and you are that ill informed....you should do the right thing and resign........but you are probably one of the ones who never does anything anyway so you wont be missed.

Bart Lies said...

I get the impression Bart writes his plan like a kid making out his Christmas list for Santa Claus.

He may want a pony, but Santa is probably only going to bring him pajamas, underwear and maybe some candy. Or, in Bart's case, perhaps just a lump of coal.

Anonymous said...

7:32, it appears that you're not reading Advance Indiana but rather posting randomly. In a earlier post Gary did an excellent job out expressing what so many of us feel about the star's endorsement. It's not anger, it's the truth!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Peterson plans I, and II have failed to succeed. What will the results of Plan III be? More failure.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9:50 PM,

You sound like Cheney and Rumsfeld. "If you're not with -us-, then you're against -us-".

You are the pathetic excuse for a Democrat. What ever happened to participatory politics? Yours is exclusionary politics. Why don't YOU leave?

Anonymous said...

I want to personally thank the Mayor for the excellent job that he has done with his Abandoned House Initiative he announced 4 years ago in his "War On Abandoned Houses" speech.
I am one of the Mayor's most fortunate homeowners, I live next an abandoned blighted house that has been abandoned for two years. It has caused my property value to go down by $40,000 and endangered my family. The police runs and complaints have been many and yet the house remains.
Now there are 6 more abandoned houses on my block since the one I live next to has been vacant.
I also have the pleasure of 3 crack house operations within spitting distance of my house now.
And to think it all started with just one abandoned house, the one I live next too.
Needless to say, I live on the near east side.
Sure, I'll for the son-of-bitch for Mayor again!

Anonymous said...

The Ryerson Red Star Rag continues to push the myth about bart peterson "whose second biggest concern is crime" and "who is working to put 100 more police officers on the street" etc.




Anonymous said...

Why is the Ryerson Red Star Rag providing a direct link to bart peterson's plan III?

They certainly never mention that Greg Ballard has had his plan on his website ( ballardformayor.com )under "issues," for months now.

Could the Red Star Rag be liberal?

Anonymous said...

We need more help with distribution of voter endorsement cards.

Please call to volunteer. 317-938-8913.

The cards are the perfect "cheat sheet" for uninformed voters to take to the polls.

If you can distribute a quantity over 100, we need you.

Anonymous said...

Someone tell Bart that the same people he knows nothing about regarding negative telephone push polling against Ballard, negative TV campaign commercials, are now breaking the LAW by putting Bart's campaign signs in the public right of way (like Westfield Blvd).
I bet Mike O'Connor goes right up and picks those ILLEGAL signs up personally!

Chop, Chop

Anonymous said...

I'm supporting Bart Peterson for many reason, not the least of which is that over the past 8 ears our city has grown into an amazingly more sophisticated and vibrant polished gem. Our Downtown is propering -- much of it because of our Mayor and the pride he takes in our city. Ballard has no experience, has no plan, and would, if elected (according to what he's said in his own words) attempt to destroy what's been developed over the past nearly ten years. That woudl e tragic.

For example:

Question about downtown development posed to Ballard by WTHR:

Question: What would you do in Indianapolis to better provide for green space and park land?

Ballard Answer: Well certainly, as we go along, people want more and more green space so that kids can play, it’s pretty, it’s good for the environment all the – all of those things, and we are certainly that sort of environment. I am concerned that we are over, over constructing here in downtown Indianapolis . We just had a major headquarters built on one of the few remaining parks in downtown Indianapolis and of course that cost us a twenty-year, twenty-million dollar tax abatement also – took up a very important military space, a very important park area in downtown Indianapolis, and I would not like to construct anything more here in downtown Indianapolis, such as the hotel across the state museum – I would not be for that whatsoever because we need to increase the green space, we need to have a vibrant downtown and a place where people like to come. [Source: Channel 13 WTHR Debate Transcript, 10/21/07]