Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nuvo's Hoppe On Carson: It's Time To Look To the Future

Nuvo columnist David Hoppe is a liberal Democrat who has proudly voted for Rep. Julia Carson (D), but even he can see that it is time to look to the future and beyond Carson in light of her latest health problems. Hoppe writes, "Let’s face it: The question of whether Julia should seek another term is barking like a dog in an empty house." "It behooves local Democrats, including Julia herself, to actively consider the question of her successor," he continues. "The idea that this congressional seat is hers as long as she wants it, a sinecure perpetuated by her vaunted 'organization,' does a disservice to everyone concerned."

Hoppe is particularly upset that Carson's staff attempted to hide her health problems from the public. Hoppe writes:

Perhaps more troubling than Rep. Carson’s missing an important vote last week was the story that accompanied it. The news that her condition was initially kept secret has not been encouraging. While Julia is entitled to a private life, she is an unabashedly public figure – and a public figure with an undeniably complicated health history at that. This situation calls for greater transparency, not less. The consequence is that speculation about her ability to serve will only increase, especially in light of her declared intention to run again next year.

Isn't it time for the Marion County Democrats to put the voters first instead of Carson? First, tell us the truth about her health problems. Tell Julia she must retire in the interest of the people of her district. And then let's move on to a new era of leadership in Congress. I'm beginning to wonder if there is anyone within that local political organization left with any common sense when it comes to this particular matter.


Anonymous said...

Patience, friend. Patience. As in a couple more weeks.

Bart's re-election (I know you and many others don't want to hear this, but it will happen), coupled with a better working counil majority for the Ds, will lead to Bart's gaining even more control of the party, thus, Julia's successor. The Mayor needs a strong, present ally in the halls of Congress. He has that in Sen. Bayh, but on the Appropriations side, the House, he needs it even more now, because city budgets are falling increasingly short of their constituents' demands. Federal programs are going to be tapped, and to do that, you've gotta have 24/7 House presence for your cause. Earmarks are stupid, but they're there, and we need to have an advocate for them, particularly on the tranportation side. If you blink, your earmark is gone. You gotta babysit them constantly. Staff cannot do that as effectively as the MC.

Julia's staff performed the way they did, because they were ordered to do so, to protect the regime and the impression that she's on top of things. She's not. She's seriously ill.

Her staff's actions amounted to blatant misleading of the public.

If her staff had come forth and been honest about her condition, she might have found sympathy. Now, it's painfully clear to most that she cannot continue.

I look for her to resign before her term ends.

It's a sad ending for a woman who championed the little guy for decades.

Funny thing is, those little guys demand representation, and they're not getting it. They're not fooled by blue smoke and mirrors, and frankly, they're pretty pissed off about the way they've been misled.

I'll stand aside now, and watch the Wilson BS fly. But we all know he has no credibility on this issue. The silly thing is, if the political opposition were behaving this way, Julia and Wilson and her regime would be screaming bloody murder.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating read, 7:11. You clearly understand how things work.

On good authority, I have been told that Julia will NOT resign if she lives through this, although it is much worse than anyone has been informed. Sepsis with underlying cardiovascular issues is, well, bad. To be honest, having her serve out her term may be for the best in the long run even if we lose a year of representation. There would be no hand picked successor with a head start on the election.

OK, I get that Bart will be re-elected. I do not get the confidence in an increased majority on the council. There are highly motivated and agry voters out there. A couple of at large could be at risk as could some districts. In May, I would have agreed with you. Now, I think the Republicans could, in fact, hold a one seat majority.

Anonymous said...

Ron Gibson and Sherron Franklin will not be reelected to the council. The Dems need 2 pickups just to remain even. I think those two will come on the west side....but who knows what unexpected results will happen......

Anonymous said...

The at-large theory works only if the Republicans win the mayor's seat...except...

King Ro has consistently, in three past elections (2003 primary, 2003 general, 2007 primary) run behind the other three at-large Dems. Which is odd. He's second on the ballot. Voters have to step over him to vote for Joanne and Ron. But they do.

And this year, neighborhood activists are fuming over King Ro's wife's ridiculous decisions as a MDC hearing officer. She's made a shambles of the Comprehensive Plan, which those neighborhood folks put thousands of hours into. And she clearly does not understand her statutory role or the meaning of zoning ordinances.

In the districts, Sherron may be in trouble, but on the GOP side, so is Schneider's district in the NE, and, unfortunately, Scott Keller downtown.

And the GOP is flooding Angela Mansfield's district with hateful mail, but she'll survive.

Anonymous said...

For the Dems, Randolph and Day's districts are probably flopping. Schneider's doesn't look good either. Keller loses but it doesn't change much in reality.

Franklin's seat is the only likely pick up for the Republicans. On paper, Vern Brown's looks like it is in play but gut says that won't happen, right?

I need some help here. Is Mary Moriarty Adams vulnerable or not? It looks like she is. I don't really have any close associates in that area so don't know what "word on the street is." Yes, she's been in office forever but there is a strong Republican presence there.

Despite speculation to the contrary, Pfisterer will win with some breathing room.

The only real chance the Republicans have is to take several at large seats. With the tepid support they seem to have for their own candidates, that seems far fetched. They have good candidates, at least compared to the at large we have now. Don't get it.

Time to spiff up the house and call Angie's List about moving companies. It will be a sad lot running this city.

Anonymous said...

And why does no one question her staff about entering the hospital under an ASSUMED NAME?

Anonymous said...

7:18--you're kidding, right? Mary Bridgette "Moraty Adams" (using Juice's pronunciation guide)is not close to being in trouble. She'll win going away. And she's a very good councilwoman. Ask the line officers of IMPD and the IFD folks. She chairs that committee better than Schneider ever did.

I sense you're right about Pfisterer, damn it. But here's a tidbit that shows a lot about her credibility: last year, on Garrison's radio show, she called in with a fluff question to Ike Randolph, and didn't use her real name. It was unmistakably her God-awful voice and tone. Ethics-challenged Ike took the question, inflated his answer, and never once revealed the caller was a council ally.

I'll repeat this real s-l-o-w-l-y, but it bears repeating:

The only at-large incumbent in trouble is King Ro. That doesn't mean Ron Gibson shouldn't be in trouble, but he's not.

Vern Brown was never in trouble. Damn it again.

Sherron--well, who can tell? She's incapable of dual tasking without seeking outside assistance. The mayor wouldn't cry is she lost, unless it meant losing control of the council for the Ds.

My guess is she'll win, and the Ds will control the council by 16-13.

Call the movers if you want. Where do you propsoe to move? Carmel's mayor is stark-raving nuts. Avon is lilly-white in every sense of that word. Center Grove area has schools that ar edecent, but busting at the seams. Greenfield is, well, Greenfield.

You may not like it, but our city is still a great place to live. We survived 36 years of Republican mayors shifting expensive problems to their grandchildren. We can survive anything.

Hey--wanna start a fight? Lugar lies!

Anonymous said...

The rampant corruption is what is prompting us to move out of state. No, perhaps not the corruption itself, for every state will have it's share of corruption. Unfortunately, that's just the nature of politics. It's the total disregard for taxpayer outrage from the politicos that has convinced us, as well as the knowledge that these officials will continue to be elected and not held accountable because the black community will blindly vote democratic, and the rich republican businessmen will back whoever throws the most money their way. So as much as I want Ballard to win, Julia to resign, and Monroe Gray, Aaron Haith, Vern Brown, Sherron Franklin, Ron Gibson, etc to be removed, I know they won't.

Indiana obviously doesn't want to keep their college educated constituents. We're fixing up our home and selling it next summer after only living in it for one year. We're just that ready to get out of here. Why spend our twenties living with the stress of this Indiana government, when we can buy a nicer home, with several more acres, in a state with almost zero property tax and no income tax, for the same price of our current one?

Anonymous said...

"we can buy a nicer home, with several more acres, in a state with almost zero property tax and no income tax, for the same price of our current one?"

Sounds like Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

10:21, when you grow up and decide what you want to be, instead of a snivelling arrogant snot, check back in.

A little history check: things were worse on some fronts under three previous long-term Republican mayors.

Most of the political nonsense you describe is not new or unique to Indianapolis in 2007.

You'll love Tennessee. Or Arkansas. Or Alabama. They've all got public schools with about the same level of performance as IPS, and college diploma mills more concerned with football than algebra.

Your community is what you make it. With your attitude, we'd all prefer you go make another community.

And if you're college-educated, you might want to recheck your failed grammar. It's and citizens should be hyphenated, and
it's "whomever," not whoever.


Sayyyyyyy...notice who's remarkably absent from these threads lately? Can anyone say "muzzle" ?

Anonymous said...

Sayyyyyyy...notice who's remarkably absent from these threads lately? Can anyone say "muzzle" ?

12:17 PM EST

Yes I have noticed. Was wondering exactly the same thing. Do you think that somebody got to old 46201 and told him to keep his damn mouth shut until after the election since everytime he opened it Bart and Monroe lost another percentage point?

And while we are talking about Julia, anybody else out there wondering why one has to go to a rehab center because of a leg infection? What is she rehabbing? Methinks that maybe thinks are much more serious that anybody is letting on. Let's see, she is diabetic, in generally poor health, and drinks heavily. Can you say amputation? Mark my words, Julia is or will soon be missing at least part of one leg once the truth finally comes out. How about it Wilson? Am I wrong? I know you're not on vacation since Indygo doesn't travel that far. All us anonymous nobodies are dying to know.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who said the rank and file of IMPD were happy with Ms. Adams, but they certainly weren't representing anybody that I know.

Except for Frank, I suppose...

Anonymous said...

Well, 4:06, I maintain, that even if she did face what many diabetics face later in life (amputations), if she'd fessed up about it and maybe even spoken to rpoerters, she could've done a world of good for similarly-affected folks.

Instead, she took the low road, to hold onto power, instead of trusting the public's judgment, lest the electorate confirm with their own eyes that she might not be fit to serve. With all due concern to her health, and best wishes for a recovery, her attitude about informing her bosses (us) about her ability to serve, is arrogant.

And, 4:06, I know many officers who are quite pleased with Ms. Moriarty-Adams's service as chair of the public safety committee.
If some officers don't like her, as the spouse of a policeman, just who in the hell would please them?
Some officers who complain loudly, need to check their attitudes at the IndyU door. I'm still convinced it's a small minority. I've made it a point over the last several months to engage every police officer I see, and ask the direct question about the IndyU complainers. The overwhelming majority, like 90%, laugh and say they're meaningless. A few won't talk, and that's fine.

And I, as a citizen, couldn't be happier. Her predecessor was a troll.

Wilson46201 said...

Julia Carson has ten toes.