Monday, October 06, 2014

Supreme Court Turns Down Indiana's Same-Sex Marriage Appeal, Effectively Making Gay Marriages Legal In Indiana

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to accept an appeal of the recent 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision earlier this year striking down Indiana's statutory ban on same-sex marriages, which has the effect of allowing the district court to enforce an injunction barring Indiana officials from depriving same-sex couples of the legal right to marry. As a result of today's decision, same-sex marriages will now be legal in 30 states and the District of Columbia. It's only a matter of time before they are legal in all 50 states.


Anonymous said...

Indiana's legal position was not entirely consistent with the way that the state's agencies acted.

local landlord said...

Its an excellent result. Congratulations to all of our gay friends in Indiana who were waiting for this news to plan weddings. The Supreme Court is simply waiting to see if there will be unanimity in all ten Circuit Courts. If so they may never rule on a nation wide basis, preferring a state by state falling of the dominos. These 11 states affected today include some very conservative places, which, entirely on their own, have legalized gay marriage. The good news is we won ’t have to hear Christians wailing about the Supreme Court forcing this on us. It was a battle won hard, state by state. And still remains unavailable in 20 states. The larger fight won’t be over until every State’s circuit has weighed in. But we now join most progressive countries in the world in banishing this terrible injustice. Indiana did not need the terrible stigma such backward thinking brought us. Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller ought to resign for his horrible leadership in these matters, doing everything possible to yank us back into the past century. And Greg Garrison on wibc must be spitting up blood, so vicious was his opposition. I supported bestowing the dignity of equality of marriage to our gay residents and family members long ago, and my resolve that this is the best way forward has only strengthened. God bless all the young families that can celebrate new marriages. Remember, many many churches are also changing and marrying gay celebrants in religious, holy marriages. This has not been an attack on Christianity, but rather, the standing up of the oppressed to a terrible, systemic religious zealotry and bigotry in the name of Jesus. I continue to believe Jesus would be first to celebrate gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

Not really. Appellate Courts don't pass laws in America.

When the judiciary is ready to pass a law enacting gay marriage across the country on in any state, it will come from the Supreme Court.