Friday, September 26, 2014

South Bend Welcomes Spook Mayor Back Home: What Have You Done For Us Lately, Pete?

Mayor Pete Buttigieg arrived at South Bend International Airport Thursday evening to a rousing welcome after seven months serving with the U.S. Navy in Afghanistan.
Several dozen South Bend residents greeted Mayor Pete Buttigieg at the airport as he arrived back in town after a seven-month deployment to Afghanistan where he served as a naval intelligence officer as a unit of one. The public up there still hasn't figured out that the man they elected as mayor has likely been working for the CIA all along. This wasn't Buttigieg's first trip to Afghanistan. He worked there while he was employed by McKinsey & Co., a management strategy consulting firm renowned for employing covered CIA operatives. He also previously worked for The Cohen Group, which was founded by former U.S. Senator and Defense Secretary William Cohen.

South Bend residents should be asking just what the hell Buttigieg was doing in Afghanistan that was of any importance or value to the people back home. Publicly, he claimed his work involved targeting Afghanistan's drug traffickers.  In his farewell address this past week, Afghanistan's outgoing president, Harmid Karzai, denounced the United States as a curse upon his country despite the more than one trillion dollars in military and financial aid spent there courtesy of the American taxpayers, not to mention the tens of thousands of American soldiers who were killed or wounded during our country's occupation of the God-forsaken land. Instead, Karzai praised China and Iran as his country's greatest allies. Karzai also offered praise for Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, South Korea and Germany. The departing president had not one word of praise for the United States.

The CIA openly admits that it delivered suitcases filled with millions of dollars of cash to Karzai and his cronies over the past several years. Billions more given to the country simply disappeared without a trace. Perhaps the only thing people on the streets of South Bend can see for our efforts there is the flood of heroin hitting the city's streets and elsewhere around Indiana and across this country since heroin production and exports from Afghanistan exploded during the American occupation with the assistance of our own government and, in particular, the CIA, which is probably the world's largest drug smuggler. Will anybody in the South Bend media bother to ask Buttigieg what he did in Afghanistan before patting him on the back for his service there? As his mother says, he can't discuss his work there because it's all classified.


Anonymous said...

U.S. foreign policy has been a curse to the people of Afghanistan going back at least 1979. I don't understand how you can criticize the mayor of SB for his "spook" work and not understand the overall negative impact the foreign policy of U.S. has had on the people of Afghanistan. The blood and treasure spent by U.S. soldiers and taxpayers was always too high of a cost to exert shaky control over that part of the world.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I've been highly critical of our foreign policy objectives in the Middle East, which has nothing to do with national security. We create the monsters in this part of the world so there is an enemy to fight. We install puppet regimes which treat their people badly and which wind up giving comfort to the enemy. And the cycle just keeps repeating itself over and over again. It's an insane policy, and the American people are oblivious to the untold havoc and harm we are creating around the world in the name of peace and national security.

Flogger said...

You had a Blog on Obama's Latte Salute recently. Our Flag and the Republic it stands for was long ago trampled not by extremist Islam, the VC or NVA, but by our own Congress and Presidents from LBJ to the present. So if Obama was saluting the actual spirit of Liberty the Flag is supposed to stand for, than the Latte Salute was appropriate. The Flag today is as meaningless as SPQR (Senate and People of Rome) was during the Roman Empire, when Emperors ruled by their own decree. Oddly enough the Ancient Romans were engaged in constant Wars in what is now Iraq.

Obama can with little or no dissent from Congress order another bombing campaign in the Middle East. The news media will provide non-stop coverage with the familiar conclusion we need to be a leader and bombing someone is the answer.

The fact is since WW 2 the USA has dropped more bombs on the world than any other nation on the face of earth. All the bombing with out a single Declaration of War.

Our Flag which should have represented a symbol of Liberty to the world is now a symbol of a Corrupt War Machine.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks for your just criticisms of Buttigieg, and of the press who are covering for him. It is sad to know that even
congressman Ron Paul voted to got to war on Afghanistan, although such country had NOTHING to do with any attacks on America. I hope all read AFGHANISTAN AFTER DEMOCRACY, which even most public, if not all in the US, libraries will not carry because it is so graphic with the truth.