Wednesday, September 10, 2014

By Hook Or Crook, President Obama Found A Way To Get His War In Syria

Lucky for the leadership of the United States government, we live in a country where our citizens are the most ignorant people in the world when it comes to understanding the motives of their own leaders. The so-called neocons who fabricated the War On Terrorism to fuel the exponential growth over the past 12 years in the size, power and influence of the military/industrial complex and their Trojan horse actor playing the part of President Barack Hussein Obama have finally found a way to launch the war in Syria they've long desired to topple the legitimate government of President Assad. They first trained, funded and armed a ragtag group of terrorists to wage war against Assad who couldn't get the job done. Then they used these terrorists in a failed attempt to frame Assad's government for a chemical weapons attack on Assad's own people they perpetrated themselves. Next the arms we gave to these terrorists somehow fell into the hands of another group of terrorists who call themselves ISIS and who have been wreaking havoc throughout much of Iraq and putting on open displays of barbaric beheadings of supposed American journalists and mass killings of civilians. President Obama goes on national TV tonight to announce he's unilaterally launching a war in Syria to "eradicate the cancer" our own government created. Sure, the U.S. Constitution says only Congress can declare war, but our Congress ceased to be a co-equal branch of government following 9/11 just as planned by the people who really run our government. A few hundred thousand more people will probably get slaughtered along the way, but as long as we get that natural gas pipeline built through Syria that the military/industrial complex demands be built that's all that matters. How does one find honor in calling themselves an American when our country perpetrates more evil throughout the world than virtually any other country?


Anonymous said...

I believe McCain and others, including Romney and more wanted war w/Syria. I believe the President took it to a vote. I believe while in office O'Bama demanded the 850 contractors be dropped to 300 in 3 years--Gates order...Gates retired after the number was met. Wasted money with buddy defense contractors with boots on the ground. Perhaps other insurgents like behind 9/11 here and in Israel and Saudi are the providers of weapons and creating this latest tactic for the Nov. votes. Ponder it all.

Anonymous said...

We need to start booing the people who enlist to fight these wars. America has had no business in any war for a very long time, yet they hold these military people out as heroes for intruding upon other countries.

Military people: you do not "fight for my freedom" when you fight very expensive wars in places that have no ability to land on the beach in South Carolina. All you do is create future enemies.

If you're thinking of joining the military, don't. America does not need military personnel or more wars.

Anonymous said...

In a very related story, Cruz just shot his presidential chances in the foot by coming out as a supporter of Israel first, and by having no idea what a real Christian is. He was booed off the stage by real Christians at an event in Maryland.

Cruz is just another neocon who wants the U.S. military to be the Israeli Expeditionary Force.

Many American Christians are, and this must be said, not "real" Christians. Real Christians are Catholics, Orthodox and Coptics. If your Christian church has a record of its activities on March 3, 123 A.D., it's legitimate.

American Christians are largely Protestants who have no anchor to the real, true, church, so they've become easily co-opted by Zionist nonsense and "Judeo-Christian" hogwash.

Cruz walked into a bandsaw tonight because he had no understanding of the world outside the U.S.

Gary R. Welsh said...

If the constitution means anything, Cruz isn't eligible to serve as president. He was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American mother. He is only a citizen by virtue of an act of Congress, which is quite different from being a natural born citizen--a citizen born within the United States to American citizen parents.

Eric Morris said...

Gary, thank you for speaking he truth and I agree wholeheartedly with Anon @ 10:27 PM. I was once one of the imperial foot soldiers and try to convince any and all not to join, unless you are absolutely desperate for money. Sadly, with the crony corporatism/fascism in this country, for many people their only hope is to join and help create more enemies, all to help the cronies use scare tactics for an even larger crony military budget--don't even claim it is "defense". They couldn't even defend their own Pentagram HQ on 9/11.

Flogger said...

I have to agree with you the American People have an appalling level of ignorance. With a very short memory, cognitive disorder or attention span a long term historical view is impossible.

We have segment of our population with a Dooms Day Prepper mentality that are totally motivated by fear. 50 years ago, it was Commies under the beds, and now it is Arabs, and the latest bogeyman the Russians.

The tangled Webs of Lies and Deceit that began in my lifetime with the Gulf of Tonkin plays on. There is no shortage of buyers among the American Public for the latest Theater of the Lies.

It is no wonder that rote memorization in lieu of cognitive contemplative analytical thought is the hall mark of our instruction in schools.

What is most thought-provoking in these thought-provoking times, is that we are still not thinking. – Martin Heidegger

Anonymous said...

You'll love this one, Gary.