Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Race To Prove GOP Can Turn Sure Winner Into A Sure Loser

There is absolutely no reason that Barack Obama should be a viable candidate for re-election. He has basically added so much to our national debt in the past four years that the only way our country can now get out from under it is for a Greece-like hard landing. Unemployment remains in double digits if you count the folks who are no longer eligible to collect unemployment benefits. Gas prices are headed to $5 a gallon, while Obama uses all of the power of his office to prevent tapping the world's largest known oil reserves under American soil so we can continue transferring our wealth to our nation's enemies. Obama has been passing out billions of dollars to the failed businesses of his political cronies like candy without so much as a whimper of protest from Congress. And despite promises of ending the undeclared wars, Obama has raised the false flag operations of the CIA to manufacture crisis where none exists to levels unimaginable even under the Bush CIA family to start new undeclared wars to keep the military industrial complex at full capacity. Anyone who looks at our future objectively can only reach the singular conclusion that it's the end of America just as planned by the New World Order.

Under any other circumstances, the party out of power should be poised to win the White House back easily. For some reason only the elitist GOP insiders can explain, the Republican Party is poised to nominate a man who most rank and file Republicans despise and are convinced is a wolf in sheep's clothing. No true Republican could believe Mitt Romney is a conservative of conviction, let alone anything but a Republican in name only.

Romney is outspending his weak opponents 5-1, but he can only manage a victory of a few thousand votes over an unaccomplished former senator from Pennsylvania in key states like Ohio and his home state of Michigan. In yesterday's Super Tuesday primary, he won a very unimpressive victory over Ron Paul in Virginia, a state in which Paul didn't even bother campaigning despite having a head-to-head match up with him because neither Gingrich nor Santorum made the ballot, and he managed a narrow victory in Vermont next door to his home state of Massachusetts, where his opponents also didn't bother to compete. Santorum trounced Romney in Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota. Gingrich rolled him in his home state of Georgia. Mathematically, it's now impossible for anyone other than Santorum to defeat Romney for the nomination, and that is only possible if Gingrich dropped out of the race.

The bottom line is that the GOP is poised to nominate a man who simply cannot be elected president even under the most ideal of circumstances and nobody even seems to give a damn. Despite the economic catastrophe upon us and the fact that we have a president with a known false identity who is implementing policies to kill American citizens he deems a national security threat with care, and who is chipping away at the First Amendment at every turn, the only thing the Omedia wants us to discuss is whether it's fair to call Sandra "I want my birth control pills" Fluke a slut. It looked more like Fat Tuesday in New Orleans yesterday where everyone is too drunk on their asses to know what's really happening than a Super Tuesday to save the Republic. It looks like the clock has finally run out on Ben Franklin's adomonition at the conclusion of the constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787.


Hoosier in the Heartland said...

You write, "The bottom line is that the GOP is poised to nominate a man who simply cannot be elected president even under the most ideal of circumstances and nobody even seems to give a damn."

Which merely underscores the conclusion that the GOP has run its course.

patriot paul said...

If Romney, the McCainesque candidate, somehow overtakes Obama, it won't be because Americans suddenly fell in love with him or his pseudo-conservative policies, but it will be because of a rebellion against Obama's policies. Unfortunately, independents may see Romney as Obamalite, so why make a change?