Friday, March 23, 2012

Libertarians Naming Klopfenstein As Boneham's Running Mate

Ed Feigenbaum's Indiana Legislative Insight is reporting that the Libertarian Party of Indiana plans to nominate Brad Klopfenstein as the lieutenant governor running mate for its first high profile gubernatorial nominee, former "Survivor" star Rupert Boneham. The news of Klopfenstein becoming Boneham's running mate is sure to meet with the disapproval of a number of rank and file Libertarians because of Klopfenstein's role in the sordid Lincoln Plowman bribery scandal.

Klopfenstein, an Indianapolis bar owner, was one of the Board of Zoning Appeal members Plowman had boasted to an undercover FBI agent that he had appointed and controlled. Plowman told the undercover agent that he could rely on his board appointees to help smooth any zoning approvals that would be needed for approval of a proposed strip club the undercover agent claimed to be planning to establish in Indianapolis. Klopfenstein, who also served as Plowman's campaign manager, had discussed the proposed strip club with Plowman and worked closely with Plowman to defeat a smoking ban ordinance that was before the City-County Council on which Plowman served, while Plowman was on the payroll of an Indianapolis strip club which was helping fund the effort to defeat the smoking ban ordinance. Klopfenstein testified at Plowman's criminal trial where he was found guilty of bribery and attempted extortion charges for accepting a $5,000 cash payment from the undercover agent. Some Marion County Libertarians also became upset with Klopfenstein during the debate over the passage of the controversial 50-year privatization deal with ACS for the City of Indianapolis' parking meter assets. Klopfenstiein lobbied for passage of a deal that many local Libertarians opposed as a very bad deal for taxpayers.

According to a media advisory put out by the party, the nominating convention has been scheduled for Saturday, March 24 at the Holiday Inn Carribean Cove Hotel & Water Park in Indianapolis. Not surprisingly, Klopfenstein's ally in fighting the Indianapolis smoking ban ordinance, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, is scheduled to moderate a presidential debate at the event that will include former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and three other unknown candidates vying for the party's presidential nomination.


patriot paul said...

Follow the money. Some of those in that dinner club deserve each other. If you are running unopposed, you are coronated even if you cannot intelligently produce a coherent libertarian statement.

BayernFan said...

So the Lib Party is running RUPERT!! as its governor nominee. What a joke that party has become.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Klop doesn't have a defense for supporting that 50 year parking meter deal. That was horrible for taxpayers and the fact he would support that is astonishing.

Marycatherine Barton said...

If Klopfenstein is his running mate, Bonehan will not be elected Governor of Indiana.