Friday, March 02, 2012

Breitbart's Big Government Site Will Release Obama College Videos

Filmmaker Steve Bannon assured Fox News' Sean Hannity during an appearance on his show last night that the conservative Internet site founded by Andrew Breitbart, Big Government, will release videos of Barack Obama uncovered showing his radical views while he was in college. Bannon assured Hannity the videos would be released within the next seven to ten days. Breitbart caused quite a stir last month when he told an audience at the CPAC conference that he had uncovered videos of Obama from his college student days that he promised would be explosive when he released them. Breitbart promised a vetting of Obama that never took place during the 2008 presidential election.

No sooner had news of Breitbart's untimely death been announced yesterday morning than speculation surfaced suggesting that Obama had Breitbart rubbed out to silence him. Radio talk show host Alex Jones helped fan the new conspiracy theory in a video he uploaded to the Internet complaining that the media had already declared the cause of Breitbart's death the result of "natural causes." It was actually Breitbart's own Big Government site announcing his death that suggested his death was caused by natural causes related to known heart problems he had.

During a press conference held yesterday by Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announcing the preliminary findings of his investigation of Obama's birth certificate claiming his birth in Hawaii, Dr. Jerome Corsi told a packed room of reporters that he had arranged for an interview between Arpaio and Breitbart last night prior to his death, perhaps the last interview Breitbart conducted before a witness saw him collapse on a sidewalk while walking home from a neighborhood bar near his Brentwood home in Los Angeles. Arpaio's investigation found what I've been telling you for months--that the birth certificate the White House released last April was a bad computer-generated forgery. Arpaio's investigation also confirmed an investigative report dating back to 2009 by friend and fellow blogger Debbie Schlussel that determined Obama's Selective Service registration records on file with the federal government had also been forged. An investigator assisting Arpaio in the investigation said one Chicago witness signed an affidavit attesting to meeting Obama back in the 1980s at the Chicago home of terrorist Bill Ayers where Ayers' mother introduced Obama as a foreign student Ayers was assisting.

Naturally, the announcement of the findings of Arpaio's investigation were met with a collective yawn by the Omedia, which continues its conspiracy of silence concerning the true origins of Obama. What few reports surfaced primarily focused on personal attacks against Arpaio, suggesting that he was motivated to get back at Obama for the Justice Department investigation of his office accusing him of discriminating against Hispanic inmates and suspects. Arpaio has earned national recognition for his well-publicized fight to enforce illegal immigration, a very serious problem in border states like Arizona. Arpaio has been the target of many death threats, and Mexican drug gangs have made quite known the fact that they have a contract out for his assassination.

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patriot paul said...

Speculation of unnatural causes were further fueled when word of a bomb scare sent the police to Rush Limbaugh's home (later turned out to be a harmless package)yesterday afternoon.