Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obama May Rue Saying "Son Would Look Like Trayvon"

Trayvon Martin
President Barack Obama may rue the day he decided to join forces with race merchants like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in an effort to turn the death of a Florida teen into a national campaign against "stand your ground laws." When the press first started picking up on the reported self-defense shooting by a neighborhood crime watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, they portrayed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin as a model young boy minding his own business who made the mistake of walking through a predominantly white neighborhood wearing a hoodie and was singled out and shot by a white racist. According to the meme, the Sanford Police Department, which has had a history of problems, had allowed a cold-blooded murderer to go free.

Now that the entire story is being told, an entirely different picture emerges. The young Martin was 6'3", while the 28-year-old Zimmerman was 5'7", not exactly the hulking bully he had been earlier portrayed as by his detractors. The white racist Zimmerman is actually from a mixed family with a Hispanic mother who had volunteered to tutor young students, including African-Americans according to his neighbors, one of whom is black. He sustained a broken nose and head injury after Martin decked him and slammed his head several times against the sidewalk, a scene witnessed by neighbors, while Zimmerman screamed for help before shooting Martin in self defense.

Martin, it turns out, is far from being a choir boy. His Twitter account has been uncovered by the Daily Caller and shows that Martin frequently posted less than flattering comments using the handle, "No_Limit_Nigga." It turns out that the reason he was staying at his father's house where he did not normally live was because he had been suspended from school for the third time. The Miami Herald reports on the many problems Martin had in school this year.

As thousands of people gathered here to demand an arrest in the Trayvon Martin case, a more complicated portrait began to emerge of a teenager whose problems at school ranged from getting spotted defacing lockers to getting caught with a marijuana baggie and women’s jewelry.
The Miami Gardens teen who has become a national symbol of racial injustice was suspended three times, and had a spotty school record that his family’s attorneys say is irrelevant to the facts that led up to his being gunned down on Feb. 26.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/03/26/2714778/thousands-expected-at-trayvon.html#storylink=cpy
His first suspension came after he was caught defacing school lockers by marking them up with "W.T.F." When Martin's book bag was searched by a school police officer, he found women's jewelry and a screw driver the officer believed was used as a "burglary tool." He was suspended a second time for truancy and tardiness. His third and final suspension in February came after school officials found an empty bag in his possession with traces of marijuana. It's worth noting that his Twitter account made references to "weed" and there have been reports that Martin was a small-time drug dealer.

Not surprisingly, Martin's parents believe there is an orchestrated effort to demonize their son, which is exactly what they and other race merchants have been doing to Zimmerman for the past week non-stop. It doesn't help their cause that Al Sharpton has jumped into the middle of the dispute. Sharpton has played a highly controversial role in stirring up racial controversies in New York where innocent persons have been falsely accused of racist acts. His efforts to foment racial hatred have even led to several deaths.

UPDATE: Looks like Zimmerman is a registered Democrat. Whoops.


patriot paul said...

Gary, you must get your gold grill on plus a tattoo & hood.


Hoosier in the Heartland said...

Civilians who take the law into their own hands are called vigilantes.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Civilians who are having their head smashed into a cement sidewalk and are in fear of their life are legally able defend themselves.

HerbertWalker said...

Obama will rue nothing. He knows no one, certainly no Republican, will actually engage him on this issue. they'd be labeled racist.

newt summed it up perfectly: obama should be ashamed of what he said. blacks kill blacks on a daily basis, with no outrage from the president.

what is a "white latino", anyway?

Marycatherine Barton said...

And I find myself wondering how American voters who have family members that resemble the accused despised Mr. Zimmerman (or do so themselves) feel about the President publicly announcing his identification with Mr. Martin, based on appearance. Webster Tarplay is reporting that Barack Obama is using the Travon Martin story to get reelected.

Indy Rob said...

Anything Zimmerman says should be taken with a grain of salt; he shot and killed a 17 year old kid who may have been casing places for a robbery, at worst. I really think that this is a case of two jerks (I'd use stronger language) escalating a confrontation with each other until one was dead.

Yeah, I would agree with defending yourself if someone comes up and suddenly smashes your head into the sidewalk, if that were how it started. In this case, Zimmerman choose to confront Martin and Zimmerman easily could have just stayed in his car.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The problem is so apparent in the way so many are reacting to his death. Thousands gather on the mall here in downtown Indy to protest his death. How many people gathered to protest the senseless shootings of a half dozen kids on the canal by another teen on St. Patrick's Day weekend? Not one. They don't even want to talk about it.

Jon E. Easter said...

You ignore the one fact that is abundantly clear.

George Zimmerman caused this whole fiasco by taking it upon himself to follow Trayvon. If he had followed the directive of the 911 dispatcher, Trayvon might still be alive, and Zimmerman would just be the crazy "Gladys Kravitz" guy across the street.

Fact is that Zimmerman became the aggressor when he decided to follow Martin.

Gary R. Welsh said...

You don't know that for sure, Jon. There was a gap between that conversation and the altercation. Zimmerman indicates on the 911 recording that Martin had ran away. According to one version reported, Martin shortly thereafter surprised Zimmerman when he was getting out of his vehicle, words were exchanged between the two and Martin aggressively assaulted Zimmerman. That was when an eyewitness came upon the scene and saw Martin on top of Zimmerman pounding him and Zimmerman screaming for help. That witness ran inside and called 911 and returned to find Martin shot.

MacReady said...

One thing that I can say with certainty, everything at this point has very little to do with Martin/Zimmerman. It's more about people jumping on another racial zeitgeist. Having been privy to a racial incident or two that's been extensively covered by the media, they are either woefully ignorant or absolutely complicit in how their coverage sways public opinion.

On a side note, it's interesting how pictures keep depicting a younger and younger person, and how the media has demonized Zimmerman but yet they come under fire for covering Martin's school problems...