Tuesday, March 13, 2012

O'Keefe Strikes Again On Voter ID In Vermont

Project Veritas' James O'Keefe demonstrated during the New Hampshire primary just how easy it was to cast a vote in the name of a dead person because the state's election law requires no personal identification to be presented by voters. O'Keefe's crew returned to Vermont for that state's recent presidential primary where crew members repeatedly were offered ballots to vote in the name of dead persons and living persons. To further prove the point, O'Keefe's crew demonstrated other circumstances where the state required a state-issued identification card, including obtaining a civil union license between same-sex couples, being served a drink in a bar and even renting a room at a motel. The Obama Justice Department is waging war on state voter ID laws despite the Supreme Court's decision upholding Indiana's voter ID law. The Justice Department earlier announced it was seeking to block enforcement of South Carolina's voter ID law because it supposedly discriminates against African-American voters. Yesterday, the Justice Department announced it was challenging Texas' voter ID law because it supposedly discriminates against Hispanic voters. It makes one wonder if the real purpose behind the Obama Justice Department's challenges to these state laws is to make it easier to commit vote fraud within them.

UPDATE: No surprise here. Red-faced Vermont Democratic officials want O'Keefe and his crew investigated and charged with vote fraud. In response to the calls for him to be criminally charged, O'Keefe tweets: “The appropriate analogy is someone filming a bank vault door wide open, not doing or taking anything. Changes in the system would happen.” Yeah, but that would be thinking too logically, James.

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Downtown Indy said...

People are often quick to say 'there's never been a documented case of voter fraud' as the explanation for why we should not require photo id to vote.

Which evidently is because the people who check such things are as sloppy about it as the poll workers who are allowing people to vote illegally.