Saturday, December 24, 2011

Who Hacked Darrell White's Facebook Site?

The Indianapolis Star couldn't pass up another opportunity to impugn embattled Secretary of State Charlie White after a dirty tricks operative for the Democratic Party appears to have hacked into his father's Facebook site that he had rarely used and posted anti-Semitic screed against Judge Louis Rosenberg in response to his decision this week overturning the Recount Commission's decision. Some of us have a pretty good hunch it's the same notorious Internet troll banned from many sites because of his long history of engaging in sock puppetry. The use of German words and his knowledge of Rosenberg's daughter's whereabouts were very helpful clues of his identity. Obviously, he revealed knowledge of things and a writing style any fool would know did not come from White's father. It's unfortunate the Star's animus towards White is so intense that it would play right into the hands of a low-life, dirty tricks operative by drawing attention to his latest handiwork. Some passages from the story:

"I don't know where this monkey business is coming from, but it's not me," said Darrell White, who reported the incident to Westfield police Friday. "Somebody is trying to hurt the White family even more than it has been hurt before, and I really resent it."
The posts appeared on Darrell White's Facebook page and in a comment thread on an Indianapolis Star story in response to Rosenberg's ruling that Charlie White should lose his job because he was registered to vote in a precinct where he didn't live while he was campaigning for the office in 2010 . . .
The posts on Darrell White's Facebook page made derogatory comments about Rosenberg's faith.
Parts of the posts were written in German.
One said Rosenberg is "chicken manure of the world."
"I'm personally calling you out on Facebook," the posts continued. "Stand up and be heard . . . or are you the cry baby I thought you were . . . you make me want to puke."
The posts also made several references to Rosenberg's daughter, who works in the Netherlands.
Rosenberg said Friday that he doesn't plan to read the comments, and he had no idea why the posts mentioned his daughter.
"It doesn't serve the public for me to get involved in these sorts of irrelevant comments," he said. "Whether somebody loves me or hates me is not relevant to the case."
The posts on Darrell White's Facebook page also called Parker, the Democratic chairman, "the ultimate loser" and accused him of using others to take down his enemies.


Wilson46201 said...

but have you ever seen Charlie White's birth certificate anywhere ?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Don't they always return to the scene of the crime to wallow in their "manure."?

Sean Shepard said...

I was wondering if maybe some Jack Daniels, Budweiser or Smirnoff hacked his account.

I'm sure Facebook keeps access logs that contain the IP address of the person/location logging in. It takes some somersaults to mask that information. I presume they would also keep a log of how many failed login attempts were made before successful access.

So, Darrell should just request/demand that information and provide proof that it didn't come from his home/network service provider and that there were dozens or hundreds of failed login attempts before someone successfully hacked his account.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The Star said the offensive comments were posted on its website as well. If they wanted to know who posted the comments, maybe it should do its own investigating. Doubt they will do that, though, since they are presently fighting a lawsuit that would force it to identify an anonymous commenter on its website.